“Inside Out”

First off, I want to apologize for the lateness of this post, it has been a crazy weekend…

But, I did go to the movies on Sunday and I want to talk about it. I had the pleasure of seeing the new Disney Pixar’s film, “Inside Out”.

Inside Out

If you don’t know anything about this movie, it deals with emotions and the voices inside your head. Besides amazing animations done by the lovely Pixar team, the story line and message is wonderful and hit pretty close to home for me.

The overall message of this film is how all feelings and emotions are important to life, how you need the good emotions and memories as well as the bad emotions and memories. Though it follows a little girl for a year (age 11 to age 12), as a college grad I was still just as touched if not more than the age group it was intended for. All emotions, good and bad, are a part of being human and is what makes us human; but surrounding yourself with people who love and care for you and finding joy in the little things, life is pretty okay.

There were two parts while watching the movie that hit me pretty hard. The first was when Riley, the main character, becomes “numb” and the emotions can’t fix it because not all of the emotions are in “head quarters” (or your brain). I know that feeling quite well and it was hard to watch. The second part that I really connected to was when Riley has to move and she is adjusting to her new life, it is difficult and all she wants is to go back to the comfort of her home that she knows so well. After graduating college, every once in a while I keep wishing I could go back to the comfort and familiarity of school because school is what I’ve known all my life and now it’s no longer there.

But that chapter of my life has ended, just as Riley’s chapter ended. Though it’s scary and nothing is certain and there are so many paths to take that could lead you anywhere, or if you feel stuck and downhearted, it’s a brand new chapter, which you get to be the author of and if you find the joy, you’ll be alright.

“Everything’s got to end sometime, otherwise nothing would ever get started.” -Doctor Who

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



Mini H&M Haul!

After getting my first pay check from selling my soul to corporate America I had some errands to run and somehow wound up at H&M…

It’s not much but, I think they will be great summer additions to my wardrobe!

H&M 26-06-15

This first item I want to talk about is those gorgeous sunglasses! They are aviator style with duo-chrome (I think, I know there is an actual word for this color but I can’t think of it at the moment) finish. With the mirror-esque  finish, I think for $7 they are the perfect summer accessory.

The second item, is a bit scarier for me… The dreaded crop top. This was a big deal for me to try let alone buy, I’ve always struggled with body image issues and health issues that made me steer clear of anything that would show off too much or not flatter in the right places. But it was $6.99 and I figured why the hell not, it’s summer and it’s hot out!

The third and last item helped a lot with the second purchase. A pair of high waisted shorts! I can’t even remember the last time I owned a pair of shorts… I’m quite excited for these, a little pricey ($24.99) but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I’m quite excited to step out of my comfort zone with these items this summer, and I encourage each and every one of you to do the same!  If you think you look hot, chances are you do! If it makes you happy and gives you an extra boost of confidence, why would you wait any longer??

You look beautiful, always. Trust me. :)

So enjoy the weekend! And step out of that comfort zone!! You can do it!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


P.s. It is a truly special day today. Thank you Supreme Court and President Obama for the tremendous good you did today. #LoveisLove

Summer Bucket List!

It is officially summer!

I’m not a huge summer fan (I prefer to be cold haha) but I am a huge fan of the things one can do in summer! So here is my summer “bucket” list!

1. Beach. Hit the beach as much as humanly possible!

2. Go to a festival and ride a ferris wheel! I cannot tell you how long it has been since I’ve been on a ferris wheel… Does the London Eye count?? I mean it’s technically a ferris wheel, but I mean a traditional American summer festival ferris wheel!

3. Go see a concert!

4. Get through all of my books that are on my night stand. Now I know that many people say this but I have so many new books to read and all I keep doing is going back to my old favorites… It needs to change haha!

5. Have a bbq with friends!

6. Take day trips or weekend trips… Any adventure any road trip, I’m not picky. :)

I know it’s a short list but my work schedule is super crazy now and I am working all kinds of crazy hours! And I know if I have a long list and don’t check off every item on the list I would be sad, so I like to think that this is a very doable list!

Hitting the beach is an absolute must for me, living on the East End of Long Island it’s practically impossible to avoid it, not that I’m complaining! Let me know what your summer must dos are in the comments below!

Let summer begin!

AC Beach Pic

Until next time :)

Cheers! xoxo


Something To Help You Get Through Your Week!

Alright, as we all know Monday’s are rough. And on my end, an eight and a half hour shift is not the best way to start off the week…

So I decided to share ten of my favorite inspirational quotes to get you through the week!

1.  “It is not in the stars that hold our destiny, but in ourselves.” -William Shakespeare

2.  “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.” -Captain Jean Luc Picard

3.  “It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” -Jane Austen

4.  “It seems to me there’s so much more to the world than the average eye is allowed to see. I believe, if you look hard, there are more wonders in this universe than you could ever have dreamt of.” -Doctor Who

5.  “It’s not procrastinating if you’re drinking coffee, it’s ‘procaffinating.'”

6.  “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” -L. Carroll

7.  “Some people live more in twenty years than others do in eighty. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person. ” -Doctor Who

8.  “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad… While they are deciding, make even more art.” -Andy Warhol

9.  “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” -Mr. Keating

10.  “Always do what you are afraid to do.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

*Bonus quote because, I have an obsession with quotes and this was very hard to just pick ten…

“We are repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” -Aristotle

I hope these quotes help keep your spirits high during the week! Leave your favorite inspirational quote, or just your favorite quote in the comments below, I would live to know what your favorites are!

Thanks for reading and talk to you all on Wednesday!

Cheers! xoxo


Try Something New

Happy Friday guys!!

Today starts my first day at my silly retail job. Yeah, I know every little girls dream after graduating college! Going right back to the same jobs she had when she had no degree. Yay for American school systems! (In all seriousness, I am very grateful for my education, the opportunity to study, and study in my field.)

I’ve talked about what I want this blog to be and what the goal of it is, but I wanted to take today’s post to go a little deeper as to why I am doing this (like I did with my “This Is Me” post, which I hope y’all enjoyed!).

I want and need this blog to be my creative outlet, while I find my place and my voice as an artist. Since I’m not acting, directing, creating, or doing anything to do with theatre at the moment, but instead working a retail job for 20 hours a week, I have some advice to the artists out there:

Have more than one creative outlet. You have to have more than one creative outlet.

I know how crazy it is and how you go crazy when you’re not doing the creative thing that keeps you being you. It’s absolutely maddening, believe me I know, I’m dealing with it now. But having more than one outlet allows you to still be creative and get your thoughts and feelings out there in a healthy and different way. Not only do I love story telling but I also love drawing, painting and sketching, I’m absolute rubbish at it but the great part is that IT DOES NOT MATTER. You don’t have to be great or even good at it. So try something different! Grab a pencil, grab some paint, grab some yarn! Make something, destroy something and make that into something else! Write, sing, compose, do anything! Challenge yourself! If you love it and it helps you stay sane while you’re not doing your dream job or anything close to your dream job, than it is so worth it. It’s worth every second spent on it and every cent spent on it.

So that’s another reason for me doing this blog, it’s a new medium for me. And so far I am in love with it.

Please do one thing for me? Find a new outlet, grow, explore, risk, fail, learn, and create. Never stop creating. The world needs it. You need it. And that’s the most important thing.

Until next time, have a beautiful and creative weekend!

Cheers! xoxo


“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.” -Captain Jean Luc Picard

(P.s. if you try something new this weekend, please leave a comment and tell me what you did! I would love to know!! xoxo)

This Is Me

Since we’ve already got the boring formalities out of the way, I figured now would be a good time to let y’all know a little bit more about me and who I am! Here’s a picture:

Me in Atlantic City

I’m 22 years old, I live in New York and I graduated Manhattanville College with a BA in Theatre and a minor in Literature. I didn’t always want to be an actor and honestly I still don’t really know what I want to be. Regardless of what I will or won’t be, I know what it will revolve (hey, that’s something right?) and that’s Shakespeare. I absolutely love Shakespeare, from an English Lit standpoint to an actor standpoint, I cannot get enough of that old Will Shakes.

But tell that to 14 year old Amy and I would have never believed you. I was going to be a ballerina. I was training since I was two years old and when I was 16 I got seriously injured, which led to more health issues (another story for another day). And that led me to making one of the hardest decisions of my life, ending my dance career. And that decision to end my dance career and take care of my health led me to theatre (once a performer, always a performer huh?).

Before we get to how I fell into theatre, I want to talk about how I ended up at college. My dance career was taking me to places I couldn’t even dream about, I had no plans to go to college at all. I was just going to go straight into the field after high school and dance. So when it came time to apply to colleges I didn’t put much effort into finding my “perfect fit” for school and my first semester freshman year was awful. Even though it was two years after my injury, I still wanted to dance and was still in denial about not being able to dance anymore. I was hoping if I stopped for two years I’d get better, heal even, and could dance again, sadly that wasn’t the case, but I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason and Manhattanville became my home and the best decision I could have made.

It all goes back to what I was saying in my first post. Paths change, and the more you are able to work with them instead of against them, the more you will get out of them. And I found theatre when I was in a really dark place in my life, I needed an art credit in high school and that was the only class that was open and fit in my schedule. Not only did that class become a place for me to deal and cope with what was going on with me mentally and physically but the students in my class became my family and people I could trust. I found not only an outlet to help my health but another outlet to be an artist, which was a challenge because I was now working with a different medium and good think I like challenges. I’m pretty sure my last words will be, “Oh yeah? Watch me!”

Anyway, fast forward four years and I’m graduating high school with the full intention to be a Theatre Education major. All because of my incredible theatre teacher who became the father figure in my life and still is to this day. But fast forward two years, ending my sophomore year and realizing that I just want to be a Theatre major (which was the best decision for me). It wasn’t the same training you got as an actor in the Theatre Education department and I felt that if I wasn’t getting the same training as the Theatre majors, how could I possibly be a teacher? So I dropped the Education part of my training and here we are today, a BA in Theatre.

I’m a story teller, I’m not a writer (I know I’m writing a blog, and I wrote a thesis but I don’t find joy in writing stories. I like academic writing and blog writing haha). I like being a voice for someone who can put the story they want to tell into words, and thats why I love being an actor. Modern plays are great but to me Shakespeare is just so much more. Not only is he a giant word puzzle, which is one of the reasons I love him, but he’s timeless. The themes he would write about and the problems he suggests are still extremely relative to today and I think that is amazing. There is also a lot of controversy about him and his plays and all that fun stuff, which is just exciting to be a part of. One of my Shakespeare Professor’s described Shakespeare as, “…challenging, but he’s not insurmountable” and I think that is a great way to describe him and definitely one of the reasons why I love him and want to devote my life to his work. This is a lot of words and stories so here’s a picture of me at Shakespeare’s Globe!

Me outside Shakespeare's GlobeMe at Shakespeare's Globe

I know I am going to sound like a broken record and even though it’s kind of the point of this blog, I still feel like a broken record. It really does come down to moving forward and moving with the tides, when a wave comes go with it, you’ll get farther, let it help you. I don’t know exactly what I want to do with Shakespeare. I’ve performed his work, I’ve directed his work, I’ve studied his work, I’ve taught his work. And I loved every single one of those things that I’ve done with Shakespeare. But I can’t do all of them in one job! And that’s the hardest part. I don’t know where I want to go or how to get there. Maybe it’s graduate school (right now it probably will be in the fall of 2016) or maybe it’s not. I don’t know and that’s terrifying for someone who likes control and planning every minute of her day. But I guess I’m just waiting for that next wave to come and push me towards something.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


“It is not in the stars that hold our destiny, but in ourselves.” -Shakespeare

The Beginning

Hi there!

I guess there is no better way to start something than to just jump right in, so here it goes! It has been exactly one month today since I graduated from Manhattanville College with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre.

Look! Here’s me as a college grad! Me at Graduation!

Though it has not been the smoothest month of my life, it has definitely been an interesting one. A few days after graduating I went on a ten day trip to London, which was absolutely amazing, but when I came back home reality hit. (But here, look at how pretty Big Ben is!)Big Ben

Plans change, life goals change, people change, etc.  and I’m not too sure how I am going to end up where I would ultimately like to end up. So that’s why I wanted to start AmysPostGradPath. I hope it will encourage and inspire others to keep moving forward and taking things one day at a time. Nothing happens over night and I believe that the journey is just as important as the destination, if not more.

One month post grad and I finally got a job! After many many applications and worried nights later, I got that desired email back. Though it isn’t in the field that I would like or have anything to do with what I want to do with my life, it is a job and I am lucky to have the opportunity to save what I make to get me closer to my goal. But that’s what I mean when I say plans change, a couple of days ago I had no source of income and it wasn’t looking too good. And this isn’t exactly a direct path I’m taking here, in all reality I don’t even know what the right path or direct path looks like. With this little job, this little steady paycheck I can start getting to where I need and want to be (more details on that on another day!).

I will hope to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my Post Grad Path and we’ll see where we end up! Thanks for adventuring with me and see you soon!

Cheers! xoxo