The Beginning

Hi there!

I guess there is no better way to start something than to just jump right in, so here it goes! It has been exactly one month today since I graduated from Manhattanville College with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre.

Look! Here’s me as a college grad! Me at Graduation!

Though it has not been the smoothest month of my life, it has definitely been an interesting one. A few days after graduating I went on a ten day trip to London, which was absolutely amazing, but when I came back home reality hit. (But here, look at how pretty Big Ben is!)Big Ben

Plans change, life goals change, people change, etc.  and I’m not too sure how I am going to end up where I would ultimately like to end up. So that’s why I wanted to start AmysPostGradPath. I hope it will encourage and inspire others to keep moving forward and taking things one day at a time. Nothing happens over night and I believe that the journey is just as important as the destination, if not more.

One month post grad and I finally got a job! After many many applications and worried nights later, I got that desired email back. Though it isn’t in the field that I would like or have anything to do with what I want to do with my life, it is a job and I am lucky to have the opportunity to save what I make to get me closer to my goal. But that’s what I mean when I say plans change, a couple of days ago I had no source of income and it wasn’t looking too good. And this isn’t exactly a direct path I’m taking here, in all reality I don’t even know what the right path or direct path looks like. With this little job, this little steady paycheck I can start getting to where I need and want to be (more details on that on another day!).

I will hope to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on my Post Grad Path and we’ll see where we end up! Thanks for adventuring with me and see you soon!

Cheers! xoxo



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