Try Something New

Happy Friday guys!!

Today starts my first day at my silly retail job. Yeah, I know every little girls dream after graduating college! Going right back to the same jobs she had when she had no degree. Yay for American school systems! (In all seriousness, I am very grateful for my education, the opportunity to study, and study in my field.)

I’ve talked about what I want this blog to be and what the goal of it is, but I wanted to take today’s post to go a little deeper as to why I am doing this (like I did with my “This Is Me” post, which I hope y’all enjoyed!).

I want and need this blog to be my creative outlet, while I find my place and my voice as an artist. Since I’m not acting, directing, creating, or doing anything to do with theatre at the moment, but instead working a retail job for 20 hours a week, I have some advice to the artists out there:

Have more than one creative outlet. You have to have more than one creative outlet.

I know how crazy it is and how you go crazy when you’re not doing the creative thing that keeps you being you. It’s absolutely maddening, believe me I know, I’m dealing with it now. But having more than one outlet allows you to still be creative and get your thoughts and feelings out there in a healthy and different way. Not only do I love story telling but I also love drawing, painting and sketching, I’m absolute rubbish at it but the great part is that IT DOES NOT MATTER. You don’t have to be great or even good at it. So try something different! Grab a pencil, grab some paint, grab some yarn! Make something, destroy something and make that into something else! Write, sing, compose, do anything! Challenge yourself! If you love it and it helps you stay sane while you’re not doing your dream job or anything close to your dream job, than it is so worth it. It’s worth every second spent on it and every cent spent on it.

So that’s another reason for me doing this blog, it’s a new medium for me. And so far I am in love with it.

Please do one thing for me? Find a new outlet, grow, explore, risk, fail, learn, and create. Never stop creating. The world needs it. You need it. And that’s the most important thing.

Until next time, have a beautiful and creative weekend!

Cheers! xoxo


“It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.” -Captain Jean Luc Picard

(P.s. if you try something new this weekend, please leave a comment and tell me what you did! I would love to know!! xoxo)


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