Summer Bucket List!

It is officially summer!

I’m not a huge summer fan (I prefer to be cold haha) but I am a huge fan of the things one can do in summer! So here is my summer “bucket” list!

1. Beach. Hit the beach as much as humanly possible!

2. Go to a festival and ride a ferris wheel! I cannot tell you how long it has been since I’ve been on a ferris wheel… Does the London Eye count?? I mean it’s technically a ferris wheel, but I mean a traditional American summer festival ferris wheel!

3. Go see a concert!

4. Get through all of my books that are on my night stand. Now I know that many people say this but I have so many new books to read and all I keep doing is going back to my old favorites… It needs to change haha!

5. Have a bbq with friends!

6. Take day trips or weekend trips… Any adventure any road trip, I’m not picky. :)

I know it’s a short list but my work schedule is super crazy now and I am working all kinds of crazy hours! And I know if I have a long list and don’t check off every item on the list I would be sad, so I like to think that this is a very doable list!

Hitting the beach is an absolute must for me, living on the East End of Long Island it’s practically impossible to avoid it, not that I’m complaining! Let me know what your summer must dos are in the comments below!

Let summer begin!

AC Beach Pic

Until next time :)

Cheers! xoxo



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