Whether You Like Pink or Black, Be You!

So I went to get my nails done this weekend, one of my favorite things to do. I’m all for following trends, or not, whatever floats your boat! After having some “summery” nail polish color for two weeks I missed my dark nails so I decided to go for my favorite, Essie’s “Wicked” it is a gorgeous deep red that with two coats almost looks black.


As the nail technician was about to start she looks at me and says, “So dark! Are you sure? It’s summer! How about a hot pink??” She was really sweet and did a really nice job, but something about that just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe I’m completely ridiculous, I very well could be crazy.

I understand that it’s summer, it’s hot people start wearing lighter colors because it doesn’t absorb the heat as much as darker colors. I get it, natural instincts and whatnot. But I’m not a fan of pink, I’m even less of a fan of hot pink. And yes, I realize that there is no way that the nail technician could have known that but the way she addressed me and handled the rest of my appointment after I said that I want this color regardless of the season was uncomfortable.

I know this seems crazy and I seem crazy but I just don’t understand why we can let people do what they want to do without commenting on it? If you are not hurting yourself and you are not hurting others, what is the big deal?

I think in a world that is constantly telling you to look a certain way, follow certain things, do this to your hair, do this with your makeup, wear this, don’t wear that, ect. ect., you shouldn’t feel the need to stop being you because it’s not in season. You are always in season. I like dark colors, I’m not a pastel kind of girl, never have been.

If you want to experiment and step outside your comfort zone, go for it, 100%! But there is nothing wrong with taking comfort in something you know you love and thoroughly enjoy.

Be you, always because there is no one like you and that’s pretty darn special.

So wear hot pink nail polish or black nail polish spring, summer, winter, fall!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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