Summer Concerts!

Now even though I really hate summer, there is nothing quite like summer nights and summer concerts. And that is exactly where I was this weekend! One of my good friends from college came down to Long Island and her, my Mom and I went to my favorite summer concert of all time.

This concert has been happening for about 10 years, they have been coming to one of the theatres of my town for about those 10 years and my Mom and I have been at every single show.

Fab Faux Marquee

The Fab Faux. Also commonly known as the loves of my life. These five very well known musicians come together when they aren’t working with their main gigs and become the greatest Beatles cover band this world has ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Fab Faux Program

I cannot describe how amazing these people are. How passionate they are about The Beatles and how they will do nothing short of perfection to give respect to their heros. If you ever get the chance to see them live, listen to their covers, or look them up, I promise you will not be sorry.

Every year, when I get to see them, it finally feels like summer. :)

So that is what I did this weekend, I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! Have a wonderful week,

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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