August Favorites!!

Hi guys! Happy Monday!

I can’t believe it’s that time again! So here are the products I have been constantly reaching for and loving this month!

Starting off with…

YSL Tint in Oil

There isn’t much more I can say about this product but I absolutely love the YSL Tint-in-Oil in 01 Drive Me Copper! If you want to know everything I think about this product I wrote an entire review on it!

Next up…

Marc Jacobs Lipstick

My next favorite and most reached for lip product this month, Marc Jacob’s Sheer Lip Gel in 114 Understudy. I also wrote an entire review on this product that you can read and know how much I love this lipstick!

Now on to products I haven’t mentioned yet! Ooo exciting new stuff!! :)

Si rollerball

Giorgio Armani’s rollerball “Si”. I absolutely love this scent, I am not too sure how to describe it but it’s very fresh and a little floral. It’s not over powering and lasts a really long time! I am horrible at describing scents and I apologize haha! But I seriously recommend next time you are in Sephora or Macy’s head over to the perfumes and give it a sniff!

What’s a favorite post without my favorite mascara of the month!

Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara

Maybelline’s Lash Sensational waterproof mascara in Very Black! This is just such a lovely mascara, my absolute favorite drugstore mascara of all time. The volume is like no other, it holds a curl so perfectly, it doesn’t run or flake or slide under your eyes! And even though it’s waterproof it isn’t too difficult to remove either!

And it’s really not too difficult to remove with this next product!

Sephora Makeup Remover

This is Sephora’s Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover! This is a magical product that takes any stubborn mascara or a ridiculous amount or eye makeup right off like you only put on one eyeshadow that day instead of like 5… We all do it, c’mon! I have super sensitive skin and I was a little nervous about trying this one but I don’t react and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily! I used to use the Neutrogena one but it left my skin feeling so oily and gross, this does not! It is such a dream to use! This is the travel size that costs $7 and you can get it in the aisle of doom, they have a bigger size which is about $15 (I believe, don’t quote me on it haha) but this size will last me a month or two so I think it’s worth it! You only need a couple of drops and a swipe across your eye and it’s all gone!

And my final favorite product for the month is…

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails! This stuff is a dream, I have been getting gel manicures for a while and it’s left my nails in not the best shape. Once I took off the gel, I let my nails breathe for a couple of days and then put this on. The formula is super thick and immediately coats your nails and protects them, its tinted slightly pink so it looks super natural with a slight polish! This stuff works miracles and leaves your nails a chance to grow stronger and not break so easily!

And that’s all she wrote! There are all the products I have been loving this month! Let me know if there is any products I should try for September and let me know in the comments what your favorites of this month have been! Love you guys!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



Marc Jacobs Lipstick Review!!

Hello again and happy Friday!!

For our last installment in our beauty review week, we go back to my other obsession lipstick! Another pricey product but easily the best lipstick I’ve worn.

Marc Jacobs Lipstick

This is Marc Jacob’s New Nudes Sheer Lip Gel in the color “114 Understudy”. The most ah-mazing your lips but better shade. It’s my first every purchase from Marc Jacobs and I can see what the hype is all about.

The formula is so smooth and smells like vanilla heaven. It’s sheer so lip liners are not necessary, and you do have to reapply after awhile but that’s what happens when it is a sheer lip color! And the packaging is just, a plus plus. So sleek and classy! It makes you feel like a million bucks when you put it on!

I cannot think of any bad things to say about this lipstick. It’s amazing, 10/10 would recommend haha!

Well that’s it! This is the end of beauty review week, I hope you enjoyed it! I think I might continue dedicating a week to reviews, I really enjoyed it! What do you guys think? See you on Monday for my August favorites!!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Chanel Mascara Review!!

Hi guys! Welcome to Wednesday’s beauty product review!

Today’s product is my first obsession… Mascara!

Chanel Mascara

Chanel’s “Le Volume de Chanel” waterproof mascara in number 10 Noir.

I have been wearing this mascara for a while now, and it’s really nice. A bit pricey, for something that is called Chanel volume, which did not have as much volume as I was hoping for.

This mascara adds really nice length and some volume, its a great mascara to wear with eyeliner or a smokey eye. For me, this mascara is a 3.5 out of 5, it doesn’t run or leave you with raccoon eyes and is pretty easy to remove. The downside for me with this mascara is how it looks on it’s own (meaning no eyeliner or smokey lash). I don’t wear eyeliner everyday and when I don’t I just like to wear mascara, and for me it doesn’t add enough volume by itself. But then again when I do have eyeliner on, it does a beautiful job at defining them. I just really love that spidery lash mega volume look.

I love Chanel, and their products are always so beautiful. I do definitely recommend this mascara its a wonderful product!

And there it is! Beauty Review Number 2! Hope you enjoyed it! See you Friday for the last one for this series!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


YSL Tint-in-Oil Review!!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! And as promised this week will be the week of beauty product reviews!!

Today we’re starting off with easily, the most expensive product but I find it absolutely worth it!

YSL Tint in Oil

This is YSL’s Tint-In-Oil in the shade” 01 Drive Me Copper”. Now if you read my “Mall Haul” you will know that I originally wanted the peach shade, but heading into fall this is the perfect product.

The formula is oil based (hence the name) but because of that this product is so gorgeous to wear! I was a little skeptical because of the oil, but now I want all my lip products to have it. It is so nourishing on the lips, when it sinks in, it leaves the nicest hint of color, no stickiness, a little shimmer, shine, no funny taste, and doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything.

I was a little nervous to get the copper color but I don’t think copper is the right way to describe it. When it wears off, it almost looks like a dark peach shade, not pink, not red, or mauve. Just a really pretty one shade darker than your lips look. Which I think, for the fall is perfect! With the cold weather, your lips feel nourished and not chapped, it glides on and over any lines or chapped lips so incredibly smooth that your lips look perfect.

This is my first YSL product and I am completely sold. I hope for my sake the rest of their products aren’t as good because I am not going to be able to afford it haha!

Short and sweet, but beauty review week is off with a bang! See you Wednesday for another review!!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Don’t You Forget About… You ;)

Happy Friday everyone! I know I said today’s post will be a review but I haven’t used the new products enough to have a say, so hopefully next week will be full of reviews! Yay!

Today I wanted to take a different path and get a little serious, it’s totally fine if you want to skip this post, if so see ya Monday for a beauty review!

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost two years and it hasn’t been the easiest two years, we’ve both had big life changing events happen, me go completely crazy writing my thesis and producing/directing my own piece senior year on top of playing the lovely Hero in “Much Ado About Nothing” plus 20 credits and a job, he worked and still works all the time, now instead of 45 minutes away we’re three hours away, on a good day mind you.

Life gets pretty rough sometimes and even though we argue, it’s kinda nice to have someone to argue with and know it will still all be okay. Life and the “real” world is hard, demanding of all your time, stressful, challenging in all the best ways, liberating… I mean the list goes on and on. And with all of that, I haven’t been handling it too well, slipping back into some old bad habits and some old bad thoughts and my old stand by of pushing people I love away.

So with all of that plus my super positive outlook on life boyfriend, led to me shutting down even more, which got him upset (and rightfully so) and we argued. But then I decided that I needed to take some time for myself. Which was a surprisingly hard decision to come to. It actually was concerning because I’m not the type of person to depend on anyone and that made my decision crystal clear that I needed to take some time away.

I needed to detach from “us” and cut off communication with him for a couple of days. Which sadly, isn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be and I think that is just because I know I will talk to him again, so in the end it’s not a big deal.

Being in a relationship is great, its fun and exciting and full of surprises and adventures. But you can’t forget about yourself. I cannot stress that enough. YOU CANNOT FORGET ABOUT YOURSELF AND WHO YOU ARE. If you both love each other and value one another and the relationship, taking a couple of days to just refocus on yourself can do a world of good. I’m going on day three of not talking to him and I think I will call him because I want to see what he’s been up to and because I do miss him. And that’s okay. I feel like I’ve re-grounded myself, I feel fresh and new with the time I took for me and now I’m going back in with a clearer head. And what a wonderful way to start the weekend; stress and worry free and actually happy again.

See you Monday. :)

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Mall Haul!

Hello everyone! ┬áThis past weekend I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with someone I consider my sister who left me for Florida after graduation, don’t worry I accepted it and moved on… It was such a perfect day and we did some damage… Well I did some damage… It’s fine…

First store we went to was Lush Cosmetics! Where I picked up my very first bath bomb!

Lush (Dragons Egg Ballistic)- Mall Day 2

This one is called “Dragons Egg” and it is such a fresh subtle scent with a hint of lemon! And I don’t know why I waited so long to jump on this bandwagon but I’m glad I did! I took a bath yesterday with it and it was wonderful. It leaves your skin super soft and clean! Love!

And what’s a mall trip without going to Sephora… right??

Sephora- Mall Day 3

Starting with the biggest purchase and my first ever purchase from YSL, it’s their Tint-in-Oil in the shade 01 Drive Me Copper. This wasn’t my first choice shade, I was really looking for the 06 Peach shade, but they didn’t have it. I have been eyeing this product for a really long time and since Fall is almost here, I settled with the coppery shade! So totally justified, right?? I’m really excited to try it out!

Next up is a repurchase, the Sephora brand waterproof eye makeup remover. This stuff is great, it makes taking off waterproof mascara a dream. No scrubbing for hours, just a few drops on a cotton round and gone!

The next two products I got with my points one for 100 points and the other for 250 points! The first is a face moisturizer by Philosophy and the second is a Bite Beauty set. I haven’t tried the moisturizer but of course I tried the Bite Beauty set… It shouldn’t be a surprise now about my problem with lip products. So let’s move past it and move on! The little set comes with a mirror, mini lipgloss and mini lipstick in the same gorgeous pink! And because it’s Bite Beauty you know it will be an amazing product!

Finally the last store we went to (where I bought stuff) was Macy’s!

Macy's- Mall Day 4

I needed a new wallet and with an employee discount and their great deals, why not go to Macy’s right?! So I found this gorgeous blush pink Fossil wallet which has a little slot for my phone which is exactly what I wanted, so my phone isn’t floating around in my work bag! The next purchase is a little more exciting haha! A rollerball of Giorgio Armani’s “Si” perfume, which smells delicious and have been eyeing for a while, thanks to all the YouTuber’s I follow who talk about it haha!

But I have to say the best item I received from this trip was this:

Sara's gift- Mall Day 5

A lovely gift from my very best friend! So now I can represent her new home! I’m so happy that she’s doing so well and I am so happy I got to see her even if it was only for a few hours. And when you read this, I miss you already and can’t wait to see you again! Love you so much, K!

So that’s it for my Mall Haul! Let me know if there are any products here that you want me to do a full on review for Friday’s post! I just can’t figure out which product to choose haha!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Beauty Review!

Hi y’all! Happy Monday! Are you tired from all the fun you had this weekend? Are you just tired and dreaded that alarm?? Yeah, me too! But now I have something to help get rid of those bags under your eyes! And if you’re like me you can probably identify with the sayings, “the bags under my eyes are designer” or “50 Shades of Dark Circles under my eyes”!

So say hello to my little new best friend!

tarte CC

The Tarte CC Under Eye Corrector. I have the shade in “light/medium” and before I actually talk about the product can we talk about how great this packaging is? It’s so slim and compact and really lovely to hold! I’m such a sucker for packaging, it’s becoming a problem. But anyway back to the review!

tarte cc open

This stuff is pure magic. At first I was a little nervous because there is not that much color selection, but the peach and pink undertones hide all of the dark circles! It’s a pretty thick and creamy consistency, but when you swirl your finger around it, it warms up the product making it super easy to apply!

Now, I use my fingers to apply, and it even said something on the package that brushes work beautifully (but I don’ actually own and makeup brushes for my face…is that weird? I feel like I should have at least one for concealer, but I just always use my fingers…what do you guys think? Are you a brush person? Should I buy one? If so, which one?).

I also have some pretty dry patches as well but this stuff did not crease on me at all, or wear off, it stayed put throughout the day and did it’s job. It even stayed when I would wipe my finger across my under eye partially as a bad habit and partially because eyeliner was falling down my face (thanks for my place of employment having no air conditioning and the store actually 89 degrees always…it’s been like this all summer and it is awful.).

I first heard about this product from the YouTuber Amelia Liana (she’s amazing by the way, I definitely check her out if you haven’t already!) and now I’m hooked and convinced, so run don’t walk and try this concealer out! It’s absolutely incredible! (As the majority of Tarte’s products are!)

Have a great Monday and I will see you all on Wednesday with a haul post!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo