Beauty Review!

Hi y’all! Happy Monday! Are you tired from all the fun you had this weekend? Are you just tired and dreaded that alarm?? Yeah, me too! But now I have something to help get rid of those bags under your eyes! And if you’re like me you can probably identify with the sayings, “the bags under my eyes are designer” or “50 Shades of Dark Circles under my eyes”!

So say hello to my little new best friend!

tarte CC

The Tarte CC Under Eye Corrector. I have the shade in “light/medium” and before I actually talk about the product can we talk about how great this packaging is? It’s so slim and compact and really lovely to hold! I’m such a sucker for packaging, it’s becoming a problem. But anyway back to the review!

tarte cc open

This stuff is pure magic. At first I was a little nervous because there is not that much color selection, but the peach and pink undertones hide all of the dark circles! It’s a pretty thick and creamy consistency, but when you swirl your finger around it, it warms up the product making it super easy to apply!

Now, I use my fingers to apply, and it even said something on the package that brushes work beautifully (but I don’ actually own and makeup brushes for my face…is that weird? I feel like I should have at least one for concealer, but I just always use my fingers…what do you guys think? Are you a brush person? Should I buy one? If so, which one?).

I also have some pretty dry patches as well but this stuff did not crease on me at all, or wear off, it stayed put throughout the day and did it’s job. It even stayed when I would wipe my finger across my under eye partially as a bad habit and partially because eyeliner was falling down my face (thanks for my place of employment having no air conditioning and the store actually 89 degrees always…it’s been like this all summer and it is awful.).

I first heard about this product from the YouTuber Amelia Liana (she’s amazing by the way, I definitely check her out if you haven’t already!) and now I’m hooked and convinced, so run don’t walk and try this concealer out! It’s absolutely incredible! (As the majority of Tarte’s products are!)

Have a great Monday and I will see you all on Wednesday with a haul post!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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