It Really Is All About The Little Things

Hi lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful week and are excited for the holiday weekend!

I wanted to take a moment, especially those of us in the states, who will be celebrating Labor Day on Monday; to say that life really is about the little things.

Yes they’re lots of big moments, but those big moments can be few and far between. And in that between are all of these little moments, that if you’re not careful you’ll miss.

Of course there are a lot more little moments, which can make them feel not as special, but if you treat them as if they are all special then what a wonderful life. :)

I’ve struggled and still struggle with depression, for what feels like all my life. But my bad days seem less and less frequent once I’ve started celebrating all of the little things. For example, this week I got to see my boyfriend every day this week; Monday through Friday. That hasn’t happened in two years, it’s been a day and a half visits at most. And even though he’s had to work today and tomorrow, it’s still the most time we’ve spend together in two years.

We haven’t done anything too exciting, we went to the mall, saw a movie, went out to eat, spent some time with his parents and grandma who was visiting, went to the aquarium (which was awesome) but all of these little things are the things that I’ll remember and the things that mean the world to me. More so than the big moments that flee so quickly.

So this weekend, enjoy the little things :)

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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