Kiko Milano Cosmetics Review!!

Happy Friday everyone! As promised here is a review on the products from the brand Kiko Milano, that I bought last week and have been using and trying out!

I’m going to start off with the disappointing product first,

Kiko Mascara Volume Eyes+

The “Volume Eyes+ Active Mascara”. Now, I am very picky when it comes to mascaras, I like a lot of volume and that spidery lash. This is a really great, inexpensive mascara but for me personally, it didn’t tick off all of the boxes for me. What was even more disappointing, the sales girl recommended it to me after she asked and I told her, what I look for in a mascara. So after she suggested this one I was really excited to try it. But if you like a little volume and definition and a nice fanned out look, I highly recommend especially when it was on sale for $5.90! (I am very picky when it comes to mascaras and it has to tick off all the boxes, not just some haha!)

Next up a makeup remover!

Kiko Cleansing Eyes&Lips

This is Kiko Milano’s “Cleansing Eyes&Lips” waterproof makeup remover. This stuff is great! So much product and it really wasn’t expensive at all! It’s a great dupe for Sephora’s Waterproof makeup remover that I really love! Now the Sephora one is fairly cheap, but you get the travel size amount for the large Kiko one! I really love this because it doesn’t leave an oily residue and has a really nice clean scent (that doesn’t linger), plus it takes off pesky waterproof mascara like a dream!  If you’re like me and only wear waterproof mascara, I highly rate this product!!

Now, some lovely products perfect for Autumn!

Kiko Nail Lacquer 317

Kiko Milano’s Nail Laquer in “317” is such a perfect color for fall! A nice mauve color leaning more towards the purple side. I didn’t get a chance to try it out on my nails just yet (currently I have gels on them) but I tried it out on my toes, it wasn’t streaky, really nice color pay off and so far so good! And hey, for $1.90 on sale, how can you go wrong??

And finally,

Kiko Lip Scrub

Kiko Milano’s “Lip Scrub”! I was really really excited for this product, I have never seen a lip scrub that wasn’t it a pot and I really don’t enjoy sticking my finger into the product, ya know? And so far, I am not disappointed! The scent is vanilla-y… It’s not horrible haha! And it leaves your lips super soft! Really great for the fall when everyone starts breaking out their matte lipsticks!! :)

Overall, I was really excited to find a Kiko Milano store and finally get my hands on some of their products! And I am really pleased with the products and am really excited to keep using them… And going back to the store to get more… :)

I hope you all have a great weekend! Let me know if you would like me to review any other products, or makeup lines! I really enjoy doing them haha!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



5 thoughts on “Kiko Milano Cosmetics Review!!

  1. Agreed with the Lip Scrub and the Makeup Remover. Sephora’s is just too damn expensive (I bought one but I didn’t see myself buying more of it in the future). I’m a little iffy with using Kiko’s as an eye makeup remover because my eyes are ridiculously sensitive.

    I’m glad I passed on the mascara – even with the price, the mascaras didn’t seem that great when I checked them out in the store. The lip products are amazing though! Snag some when you pass by a store before the sale ends.


    1. I was iffy on using the makeup remover as well, I have a lot of sensitivity and allergies but it worked out pretty well for me! (I actually finished the bottle about a month ago haha!)
      I did snag some of their lip products and posted about them too haha! They really are amazing!!

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      1. I gave the Kiko makeup remover a try this week – thankfully, my skin did not react badly (thankfully) and holy cow, it was really good! Granted, I didn’t have a cotton pad available when I used it, but I like the fact that it didn’t feel greasy like Sephora’s (I think that’s the reason why I’d rather stick to my Makeup Eraser and use the Sephora one as my last resort)

        I’m not big on having oil in makeup remover since my face is combination/prone to oily than dry and there’s the Neutrogena Oil-Free makeup remover, but Kiko’s price point got to me. $3.90 for makeup remover? Hell yeah!

        Gonna check out your lip product post!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yay!! I’m glad you didn’t react to it!! I agree I hate the oily feeling. And this honestly feels like water and smells pretty good too haha! And I know! Kiko’s prices are unbeatable! Haha thanks, I’m a bit obsessed with lip products!!

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      3. I have yet to be disappointed by any of my Kiko purchases. Granted, I didn’t buy their mascaras (it didn’t seem like a good buy to me) and their foundations (I have enough to last me a lifetime) so it’s a little biased, I guess lol.


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