Drug Store Dupe Week, Round Two!!

Hi all! Happy Wednesday! We’re almost to the weekend! Yay! But hey, I work in retail so there isn’t really a weekend for me anymore… Wooo!

So for round two of my drugstore dupe week, as promised in Monday’s post, is a hair care product that is essential for my ridiculously thick hair! And that is sprays that are meant to help your hair dry faster!

I have been loving “KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry  Spray”

Salon product

When I got my hair cut months and months back, my hair dresser used this and I have been hooked ever since! It’s really a wonderful product that actually does what it says. And I’m not one to use a lot of products in my hair because they either weigh it down or not do what it says it’s going to do.  But this miraculously works and its wonderful, but it is a tad on the pricey side for a large bottle.

Then when I went shopping in August with my best friend, she asked if I blow dry my hair and if I have tried this product by L’Oreal Paris. I said no I haven’t tried it, but I totally have to now, especially since it’s heat activated and has a built in heat protectant.

Drugstore product

Coming in at a whopping $3.99 this bottle of miracles is wonderful. Not only does it make your hair dry faster, just as the KMS California product does, but it smells of vanilla and coconut heaven and lasts pretty well on your hair as well. And because of the built in heat protectant you can go straight to curling or straightening your hair without adding another product, which I really like because I don’t like the heat protectant I have now haha!

Both these products are lovely, but I think I actually prefer the L’Oreal Paris Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray! (Thanks K!) And it’s so inexpensive, how can you go wrong??

See y’all on Friday for my favorite liquid liner dupe!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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