Maybelline “The Falsies Push Up Drama” Review!!

Happy Monday everyone!! At this point I’m sure it comes to no surprise that I was at Target this weekend and had to stop in the makeup section… And surprisingly I saw Maybelline’s newest mascara!! I was super excited since it very recently launched and I was able to get my hands on it!

The Falsies Push Up Drama

So let’s start with the packaging, its adorable. Metallic pink and red in a slim tube and rose gold writing! I picked it up in the color “304 Blackest Black” in the non-waterproof formula. I don’t know if it even comes in a waterproof formula, when I saw it at Target this was the only option they had, so I grabbed it because I had to try it haha!

The Falsies Push Up Drama Wand

The brush it really cool, spikey, great for volume (hopefully) and meant to cup each lash and push them up. It’s a bit of a wetter formula, which I like and prefer, and it really is blackest black. I have dark eyelashes to begin with but they were really dark after two coats of this mascara haha! The volume was pretty good, but I have to admit that I was expecting a lot from this mascara. My one and only complaint is more of a personal one, it didn’t do a great job at holding a curl. My eyelashes, because of my ethnicity, grow straight down and after curling my lashes (which is a step I never miss) and applying this mascara it didn’t hold it at all, or at least that’s what it looked like.

On a high note, it didn’t flake or transfer and stayed on throughout my shift! It added some nice volume and some color to my lashes. It is a really good mascara! I don’t think it will beat my beloved Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara… And I don’t know if anything ever will, it’s no secret anymore how picky I am with mascaras! Who knows, maybe if they do have a waterproof version I would have liked it better!

I hope you all have a lovely Monday!! :)

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



2 thoughts on “Maybelline “The Falsies Push Up Drama” Review!!

    1. It is super brand new, at New York fashion week that just happened (last week I want to say) Maybelline was posting pictures on Instagram haha! And that’s how I saw it! And hopefully soon, it really is good!

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