Another Trip to Sephora!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I went to the mall with my best friend from elementary school and of course, being both makeup obsessed we clearly could not go into the mall and not stop in or buy something!

Sephora Bag

Surprisingly what I purchased was all from the aisle of doom! Would have been more but pay day is another week away haha!

Sephora Purchases

I picked up the Too Faced Most Loved kit and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (about darn time, I know!).

So lets start with Nars!

Nars Concealer mini

Everyone who is anyone in the beauty universe it seems has this holy grail product! Whether they love it or not, they have at least tried it! And I have always been wanting to try it (because my under eyes need some serious help, love and attention) but every time I go into Sephora, I look and can’t justify spending this much on concealer, when my Maybelline does the job and I am super picky about concealers! But the aisle of doom had the holy grail product in a mini version! So I matched up my skin tone and couldn’t resist! For $16 I got a mini of “Custard in Medium 1” and so far I can see why this is a holy grail product! Yes I am kicking myself for waiting so long!

Next up is something I saw online and was hoping they had in the store!

Too Faced Most Loved

The Too Faced Most Loved kit has everything! All minis of their most loved products, their Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Shadow Insurance, Hangover Rx Primer, Melted Lipstick in Fig, and their Better Than Sex Mascara! I have tried and loved their Shadow Insurance and Better Than Sex mascara! Ran out of both and have been dying to try their Melted Lipsticks and their Hangover Rx primer, both of which I have heard amazingly flawless reviews and really wanted to try for myself! And for $25 you get a really great amount of product for all minis!

Well, I can’t lie, I love some travel sized products, it’s one of my many weaknesses! So far I love all of these and can’t wait to try them all! Let me know if you would like any full fledge reviews of any or all these products and I will be happy to oblige!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



2 thoughts on “Another Trip to Sephora!

  1. I’m probably on the same boat as you when I go through the aisle of doom. It’s really hard to look past that aisle and not buy anything. Nars Cream Concealer is definitely a holy grail for me. I didn’t even know that they had a travel size for it. Would you consider buying a full size one after you finish the one you have now?

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    1. Oh my goodness, absolutely! The only thing I would change is the color I bought, I am a lot fairer than I like to think apparently haha! I think the travel size is something they just brought out recently but yes, I would 100% buy a full size! I finally understand why this is a holy grail product for so many people and now me haha!

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