Fall Favorites Tag 2015!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today we are talking all about my favorite season!


Thats right, its autumn! I’m sure that and a bulldozer could have knocked you over. I was tagged by the lovely blog Too Much Mouth With No Listeners to talk about some of my Fall Favorites! Click on her name to see her posts and more about the tag! But basically it is a bunch of lovely questions about fall and how can I resist not talking about fall?!

So lets jump right in!

Favorite Fall Lip Color ~ MAC “Syrup” (for a your lips but better look) and Too Faced’s Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipsticks in “Melted Fig” (for a bolder/deeper your lips but better look)

Favorite Fall Candle ~ Bath and Body Works “Autumn Candle” (from last year, this year they changed it and it’s not the same) and Bath and Body Works “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin”

Favorite Fall Drink ~  A nice hot Cappuccino! But to be honest, I just love any hot drink, black coffee, green mint tea…. But cappuccino’s I only get when it’s cold out haha!

Favorite Fall Blush ~ I don’t wear blush… So I’m going to do another favorite lip color that isn’t a mauve-y pink that I love so much haha! It’s Rimmels No. 30! I have talked about this in my Drugstore Dupe week! It’s a lovely deep berry shade, perfect for a fall vampy look!

Favorite Fall Nail Color ~ Essie’s “Wicked” and OPI’s “I Sing in Color” both are deep burgundy’s and they are beautiful!

Favorite Fall Clothing Item ~ SCARVES I LOVE SCARVES SO MUCH THEY ARE THE BEST THING EVER. (though flannels and plaid comes to a close second…so plaid and flannel scarves are just tops)

Favorite Fall Television Show ~ Doctor Who. It comes back in August and stays until Christmas. I won’t get started on how much I love this show cause that is a post in itself.

Favorite Thanksgiving Food ~ Mashed Potatoes

Favorite Halloween Candy ~ Starbursts and Kit Kats.

Favorite Fall Movie ~ Hocus Pocus, without a doubt.

Favorite Part of Fall ~ The leaves changing and falling and the crisp cool air. Nothing beats it in my book. This is my favorite season and I am so happy it’s finally here to stay!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


P.s. I tag the lovely blogs of:

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