Lifestyle Mondays!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I am starting a new series that I am going to call “Lifestyle Mondays!”.  So every Monday there will be something non-beauty related, like inspirational  quotes, motivational tips, what I’m getting up to and stuff like that!

So today I want to talk about my gym routine for when I’m stressed! One of my most favorite things to do is head to the gym when I’m freaking out. When I was in my senior year at college, I was super stressed out all the time and if anyone was looking for me (when I had five minutes to myself which was rare) it was a safe bet that I was usually in the gym. To me working out and focusing on working out, de-stresses me immensely!

Working out, gives me something to do that is productive and physical and takes my mind away from whatever I was worrying about. Which is so important. What I love to do the most is run. Running keeps me focused and zoned in to what I am doing that it doesn’t give me an option to stress about anything else.

But here is what my gym routine consists of:

  1. Five mile run on the treadmill (at least, depending on my stress level, I usually go until my thoughts come back to me haha)
  2. Crew/Rowing Machine (I’ll row for about a half an hour)
  3. 200 crunches
  4. 1 minute plank
  5. 10-15 push ups, I’m horrible at push ups but I tend to try to do them anyway haha!

It’s only five things and might not seem like a lot but this is my go to, never fail, routine to de-stress me. It’s just enough to refocus my mind and get some physical movement in which also helps!

Let me know, if I’m not alone in loving the gym when I’m stressed haha! Sometimes I feel like I’m just crazy!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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