Lip Balm Loves List!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all had a marvelous week and are looking forward to the weekend! I know I am!

Today I wanted to talk about lip balm. Lip Balm, has been my number one addiction since I was a kid. Like my skin, my lips are super duper dry and are always chapped and cracked unless I have at least two lip balms in my bag or pocket at all times.

I’ve tried them all, the good, the bad, and the smelly. And I like to think I know a bit about them and with the colder weather fast approaching and dry lips coming back in to our nightmares, I figured I would let you guys know some of my favorite lip products to keep them looking their best!

I’m going to categorize them by “thrown in my bag”, “deep trouble”, “nighttime”, and “morning/under lipsticks and glosses”. There are many great lip balms out there and not so great ones but these I’ve found to be my failsafe products that I know will do the job that I need them to do!

So lets start off with “Thrown in My Bag”:

Thrown in My Bag Lip Balm

ChapStick Classic Medicated and Burt’s Bees Wild Cherry! These two are more than likely in my bag at all times, they are such failsafe products that I know will moisturize my lips and help protect them! And plus I love the scent/flavor of these, a menthol-y vanilla and cherry! These are probably my favorite tasting ones out of the ones I am going to talk about today haha!

Next up, “Nighttime”:

Nighttime Lip Balm

Blistex Lip Medex! This stuff I have been using every night before I go to bed, after I brush my teeth since I was about 10… This stuff is just amazing, a nice coat of this before bed and you’ll wake up with healthy perfect lips. It does have a heavy menthol scent but if you don’t like that scent, honestly it goes away and its so worth it.

Lets go to “Morning/Under Lipsticks”:

Morning Lip Balm

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Lip Therapy. Now I have to say that this used to always be in my handbag (and still is) but I tend to really reach for this product in the morning before I put on my other lip products for the day.  It just creates the perfect canvas for any lip product over it, it absorbs so quickly and leaves your lips feeling quite honestly, perfect.

And finally, let’s talk about what I use when I’m in “Deep Trouble”:

In Deep Trouble Vaseline

When I need something thicker and really protective and my lips are just in bad shape I will reach for this; Vaseline’s Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter (though the original is just perfect as well). It smells delicious and does a fantastic job at fixing my lips when they are beyond chapped and cracked. It adds such a thick layer of vaseline and coats them so nicely and protects them. In the winter this stuff is absolutely amazing, even though it’s in a pot and I don’t really enjoy sticking my finger in it, when my lips are that bad I tend to forget that it bothers me. And I can get over it when the product is this good.

And when my lips are basically falling off, I reach for:

In Deep Trouble Carmex

Carmex Cherry Lip Balm. Now this isn’t my favorite scent, I don’t know, Carmex just doesn’t do well for me in the scent department. But I can over look that when it does such an amazing job at making sure my lips don’t fall off.

This might seem like a lot, especially since most if not all of these will be in my bag at one time… But my lips get so so bad its unreal. And all of these products do exactly what they are going to say and I know they won’t make them worse, they will actually make them better and protect them in the future!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you love any of these products as much as I do, or let me know what your failsafe go to lip balm is!!

And keep an eye out for Monday’s post, which I am really excited for!! Its going to be all about an event that I am attending tonight!!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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