Fleur DeForce Topshop Event!!

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I absolutely did and it all started with an event of a lifetime. (I know that it is supposed to be LifeStyle Monday’s but I just had to share this event haha and we can kind of stretch this to lifestyle and inspiration… Just go with me on this)

I was lucky enough to receive a ticket to an event at Topshop on 5th Ave. in NYC with someone who I’ve followed and look up to since 2009, Fleur from the Youtube channel FleurDeForce. Anyone who has read my blogs knows how much I love and adore her, so this event was an actual dream come true.

Fleur and I

It was a free, ticketed event for two hours of champagne and fashion and selfies, what more could anyone ask for?! I met the loveliest people and before I knew it the two hours were up and the event was over.

Event table setting

Fleur and her husband Mike are doing a US tour for Fleur’s book “The Glam Guide” and this event was a last minute addition and it was so amazing. It was in TopShops personal shopping room, so it was filled with all “Fleur approved” picks, which you could then buy and shop her favorite pieces that she is wearing for her book signings.

Both Fleur and Mike are so sweet and so genuine, it really blew me away. Everyone they talked to, they were just so invested and kind, it was an absolute pleasure to spend time with them. Watching people on YouTube can feel like it’s easy to edit out the bad parts of your day or edit to make sure everything is “perfect” but after watching Fleur and Mike since 2009, they are the same sweet people you see on your computer. It was just a perfect night.

And because they are so sweet, for the first few people in the queue, Fleur brings gifts and at this event she gave out copies of her book (which she then graciously signed when you met her) and that just made the night even better, considering I haven’t bought it yet (they have been sold out everywhere I look!).

The Glam Guide

Look how pretty the book is! She put so much work, love and herself in this book and from skimming the sections, it is the most perfect and unique book. It has everything from the perfect smokey eye to making relationships last and how to boost your confidence. She is such a special, kind hearted, genuine, beautiful inside and out person and it was and honor to be able to talk to her. I aspire to not be her but be like her, she’s so confident, well spoken, genuine and talented. Since I’ve been watching her since I was 17, she always felt like an older sister who taught me about life and makeup, and I think it’s important to have someone like that in your life to teach you these things and it’s funny when certain people come in to your life when you need it most. And when I sit down and really read the book, you can expect a review to follow!! :)

If you haven’t checked her out on YouTube or her blog, I highly suggest you do! This event was a dream come true and its even more of a dream that I got invited and am able to share it with all of you! Stay tuned for a NYC Haul, because of course I had time to kill before the event so I had to go shopping!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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