Underrated Makeup Brand!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope your week is going well!

Today I wanted to talk about a makeup brand that I feel doesn’t get enough love in the Beauty Blogger world! It is talked about every now and again but I went shopping at Ulta with my Mom last Sunday and I picked up some products from this brand again and forgot how much I love them! So naturally, I had to share…

The brand I am talking about is “essence”! I think they are exclusively to Ulta, but they are such a fantastic brand! I picked up two of my favorites because I needed replacements but I have tried pretty much one of everything in their brand and I love them. Especially their prices, they are unbelievably cheap and because they are sold at Ulta they take coupons so it’s even cheaper!!!


I picked up their eyeliner pen (the waterproof version with the blue writing on it). Tati, from GlamLifeGuru also understands my love for this brand and I agree with her that their regular eyeliner pen isn’t the best. But waterproof is where it is at. So easy to apply, not a pain to get off, super pigmented, and stays put all day!

I also picked up their “Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost mascara”! They have a couple of others in this line (and a waterproof version) but this one has a curved brush and I find this one holds the curl the best! It’s super build-able, doesn’t flake and easy to take off!

But let’s talk about prices… Are you ready? You sure?


Eyeliner Pen Waterproof- $2.99

Get Big! Lashes Volume Boost- $3.99

HOW CAN YOU BEAT THOSE PRICES?? I wouldn’t even pass it up if they were mediocre products, but they aren’t!! They are just as good as your favorite drugstore brands!! So if you have an Ulta near by, run don’w walk! And I don’t know why we don’t hear as much about this brand! But I love them!

Have you tried “essence”? Do you like them? Any brands that you feel is underrated?? Let me know!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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