How I Handled Another Stress Filled Week!!

Happy Monday everyone!! I know that these lifestyle Monday’s tend to get a lot whiny about me stressing out… Sorry…

But I noticed that I changed up my routine a bit this week with what I do to calm me down, so I thought that I would share!

I am a big list maker. I have lists of stuff I need to do for each day, each week, month and believe it or not I even have a yearly one. I like the ability to cross things off an physically see things being done. There is nothing in my mind more satisfying than crossing off something on a list and completing it. I live for it.

So when I feel myself getting overwhelmed I tend to put things on my list like “go for a run”, “practice a soliloquy” and stuff that I get to focus on that’s fun and calming for me but I don’t feel guilty about doing because it’s on my list. I’m the type of person who never takes time to do something for herself because she could be doing something else that needs to be done. So if it’s on my list, I have to do it because it’s on the list and I have to cross it off (cause nothing irritates me more than a list with one thing not crossed off).

This week, since it’s getting colder and harder to run outside this week I put, “listen to a full album of your choice and dance to it” (so I still get to exercise). I think this is a fun one cause it allows you to give yourself more than 5 minutes to yourself, and I counted it as exercise. *Fun fact, I couldn’t chose between two albums so I listen to half of a Sinatra album and half of a Police album. I went from waltzing to rocking out and it was wonderful.

I also put on my list to give myself a manicure. This one is really nice cause while they dry I can allow myself to catch up on all my YouTube videos as well!

Those two new additions popped up and I thought they were interesting and could be something for you all to try! Give yourself a nice manicure or rock out to your favorite album! Both things, I promise will absolutely calm you down or pump you up but it definitely de-stresses!

I do tend to put things on my list that are a little more than 10 minutes long, because it takes me about 10 minutes to allow myself to actually stop worrying about wasting time and focus on the thing that is supposed to help me. So giving myself that takes a half hour, 45 minutes or an hour is perfect for me. It’s not too much time or too little. It’s like trying to find your perfect amount of time to nap, everyone’s different. So play around with the duration! (Any more than an hour and I begin to feel like I’m not being productive and I’m being wasteful with my time)

I hope your week is not as stressful and if it is, remember to breathe and that you’ve gotten through every other week and you can get through this one as well.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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