Spending My Money On All of the Star Wars Merch!!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today’s post will be all about how much of a nerd I am… Spoiler alert, it’s a large amount of how much.

So with the new Star Wars movie coming out in a little over a month, they have been releasing all of this amazing merchandise (thanks Disney) and it’s been really hard not to buy it all. From Covergirl’s makeup range (are they trying to kill me??) and all the clothing, toys and everything in between, it has been a struggle for me not to buy it all!

And I figured I would show you how I have fallen so hard for marketing! Yay capitalism!

Starting with my weakness…

Star Wars Mascara

That’s right, you guessed it mascara!! So what I’ve really had my eye on is the makeup line and every time I go into Target, CVS, etc. they are always sold out or have very few items! Finally I found it! They have two ranges the dark side and the light side, and obviously (I love me some villains) I go for the dark side. So this is the Super Sizer Mascara in very black! But the cool thing about this mascara (besides the fact that it looks cool and is a great mascara) but they all have quotes on the tube!! This one says “You Will Meet Your Destiny”. I already love the mascara (and pretty sure I talked about it in a blog post already over the summer) but now that I needed a replacement and now it’s Star Wars themed, it’s a win win!

Next up are all the clothing items I have picked up!

Star Wars Tee Macys\

Starting with this lovely baseball tee saying “The Dark Side Made Me Do It” with the lovely Darth Vader! I picked this one up, none other than Macy’s!! So you tell me how I was supposed to walk by this shirt every day and not buy it!!

Star Wars Tee Target

Oooo! Really mixing it up here, Amy! Another Darth Vader tee!! BUT LOOK HOW CUTE HE LOOKS IN A SCARF!!!! How could I say no?? Especially when I got it from Target and clearly was only going in there for two items…. We all know the dangers of Target.

And finally was a gift from my Mom haha!

Star Wars Socks

Can we tell I like villains? So yeah these are some lovely $1 Star Wars socks from Target! On a side note my Mom picked herself up some Yoda ones! Adorable!

Yeah so there is all of the marketing I have fallen victim to! And I’m sure there will be more to add to the pile! I mean I already have a lot of Star Wars merch (just cause I’m a fan) but now there is so much more coming out for the movie and it’s been making me so happy haha!

Are you excited for the new movie??

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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