Long Distance Relationships

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and the week a head has something happy in store!

Today, I want to talk about long distance relationships. Not necessarily romantic long distance but friendship long distance as well. I have been in a long distance romantic relationship for about 1.5 years of my 2 year relationship. It hasn’t been easy but we make it work as best we can, some days are easier than others and some days are crippling, but we go on.

But what I find can hurt more than long distance romantic  relationships are long distance friendships. Especially when that friend for the past four years you have considered a sister and so did everyone else on campus, twins to be more specific. Its a different kind of pain when dealing with a friend being so far away.

Yes, having your significant other being far away is hard too when all you want at night is his arm wrapped around you. But your best friend??? Someone you need to run outfit ideas by, the latest gossip, someone to eat with, get coffee with, someone who you spent every minute of every day with is no longer in the next building and there’s a very empty feeling left.

It is very hard to describe the difference between missing your boyfriend and your best friend. (Though, I do consider my boyfriend to be one of my best friends, my twin doesn’t compare…) So today, I thought I would share some of my tips to make the distance not seem so daunting. And these both apply to long distance romantic and friendship!

~Text whenever you can. I am constantly in conversation with my boyfriend and best friend. Always. No exceptions.

~Snapchat! Snapchat has easily become one of my favorite social media platforms for this reason. Being able to send pictures in real time and have them disappear makes it feel like they are a part of your day and vice versa. It’s so easy and honestly makes me feel like I am seeing what they’re seeing and feel like I am a part of their day. It’s also nice to be able to see their face, what they’re wearing, ask for outfit help, etc.

~FaceTime  (or skype) is also a lovely way to not just hear their voice but see their face. Obviously haha!

~Phone Calls. Seems simple but is very hard to do nowadays. But making it consistent really helps, I promise. Especially if you’re like me and hearing certain people’s voices are comforting to you, then this is extremely important.

Long distance is hard, it’s no secret. But it can be easier, especially with technology nowadays. But constant communication or some form is really important and helpful. I never go a day without speaking to both of these people in my life and though I wish they were right here, having them a snapchat away makes them feel like they are right here. You also then get the fun task of planning vacations and trips to go see the other person, and who doesn’t love that?!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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