How to Handle a New Job

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you had a lovely relaxing weekend.

Today on our typical lifestyle Monday chats, I want to talk about new jobs/how to handle promotions and new responsibilities.

While I hope your weekend was calming and a nice break from the week, mine was not so much. It was crazy and spent about 14 hours on Saturday and 14 hours on Sunday at my store, because I was promoted to assistant manager for the holiday season (and I’m so excited, I love my store and my team).

Starting a new job is always scary, especially when you make that jump from sales associate to assistant manager (no power to power haha).

So here are my top tips to handle all of the stresses and craziness that comes with a new job/position:

~Ask Questions: no one will be mad or annoyed at you for making sure you know what you are doing and that you are doing it correctly, or making sure that you know exactly what is expected of you.

~Respect: respect everyone. Doesn’t matter if it’s your boss or your employees. Everyone deserves respect and no one should feel superior. Because if you feel superior than your insinuating that someone is inferior, and in my opinion that’s no way to lead a team.

~Communication: is really key. Whether it’s asking questions, telling your direct manager your fears or nerves about something, it’s their job to make sure you feel completely comfortable in your position and they can only do that if you tell them what’s going on. They’re there to make you the best you can be, they want you to succeed. I promise.

~Understand: understand that your boss(es) know you’re new and that you’re still learning. They don’t expect you to know everything about everything. They’re there to help you grow and learn and get into the swing of things. Believe me, they know, they were in your shoes once and they want to make sure you know more than they did when they started, they want to help you. And most of all understand that they put you in that position because they believe and see something in you that makes them know that you can rise to the challenge.

And lastly,

Breathe. You can do this. Just one step at a time.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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