Spending the Rest of My Sephora Gift Cards!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Last of the Sephora Gift Cards

Another week goes by and another trip to Sephora to spend the rest of my gift cards that I got for Christmas.

Gift Card

So we are going to start off with the things that I wanted to get while I was at Sephora! A repurchase of their Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, my absolute favorite! And then two things that I have had my eye on and have kept meaning to pickup. The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in the shade Light Neutral, and the Nailsinc Gel Effect polish in the shade Porchester Square (which is a lovely shade of lilac gray).

…and then the isle of doom got me…

Gift Card Isle of Doom

The first thing I found was the Benefit Real Tempting Threesome pack, which as a full size They’re Real Push-Up Liner and a mini They’re Real Mascara and a They’re Real Makeup Remover. And then a set from First Aid Beauty, which I adore. It’s a very generous size, if not full size, of their Face Cleanser and a few of their exfoliating pads for only $10!!

And now, that’s enough Sephora for at least a week or two haha!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo




4 thoughts on “Spending the Rest of My Sephora Gift Cards!

  1. How do you like the sephora makeup remover? I was looking to find a new remover and saw that one the other day when I was there but haven’t seen any reviews on it.. is it good with waterproof eyemakeup? xx

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      1. The travel size they sell is only $7 and will last you a month or two depending on how much you use (though you only need a few drops!) and the full size is about $12 I believe. So try the small one out first and see if you like it!! :)


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