Slightly Obsessed with Lip Liners

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you are having a lovely week! And are excited for the weekend, I know I am!

Today I want to talk about a product in general and a specific product that I have been using everyday practically for the month of February. And that, if you haven’t already guessed by the title, is Lip Liners.

I have been using them on their own instead of lipsticks with just a touch of balm underneath them and it lasts all day and stays in place, its really wonderful.

I have three that have been in rotation but one that really stands out. The three that I have been loving are:

Bobbi Brown Lip Pencil in “Nude”

Mac Lip Pencil in “Soar”

Lancome Le LipStique in “Ideal”

The one that really stands out to me lately and have been wearing the most without a doubt is…

Lancome Lip Pencil Ideal

The Lancome Lip Pencil in “Ideal”. It not only is the… Ideal color (teehee) but it is the creamiest formula and glides on the lips so effortlessly making them look absolutely amazing. It is more on the brown side of the nudes and it is so flattering. If you are by a counter I really would recommend swatching it and seeing for yourself the color and the formula! These are really one of the best lip liners I’ve used! They also come with a lip brush on the other end, which is practical but I have yet to use since I don’t pair it with lipstick haha!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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