Concealer Dupe!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope your week is going well!

Today I want to talk about a really great concealer that is a really great dupe for the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer.

Now y’all know how much I love Urban Decay and this concealer but this one is $5 and is practically identical.

NYX HD Concealer

This is NYX’s HD Concealer, and I have the shade CW02 Fair. It’s a liquid concealer with a doe foot applicator, it doesn’t settle into fine lines or crease, they have a very good amount of shades and the shade I have does well for brightening the under eye area as well! But if you use it on spots it doesn’t bring attention to them.

I really like this concealer, and you can’t go wrong with the price. I have been reaching for this product more than my Urban Decay and I think that says a lot haha! If you are in the market for a new concealer this one is a great one to look for and it won’t break the bank!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



2 thoughts on “Concealer Dupe!!

  1. I just picked this up a couple weeks ago and the first thing I noticed is that it goes orange within a few seconds of laying on my face, and as soon as I start to blend it, it goes back to normal, is it just a defect or did you notice yours do that too?? Other than that I have to agree and say this concealer is realllyy good for highlighting and brightening up the under eye area! great review :) xx

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