Makeup Bits I Picked Up While In Florida!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you all had a lovely week and are ready for the weekend!

Almost two weeks ago I was in the lovely sunny Florida visiting my very very best friend and of course while she was working I snuck into Ulta… So of course I had to share with you guys!

Florida Makeup Haul

I really went in to see the new It Cosmetics mascara that has been getting some great reviews… And clearly I couldn’t control myself…

So I got the new It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara… I haven’t given this a full go yet but so far so good!

I also picked up some products from Essence, which we all know how much I love them! The lipstick I got was in shade 07 Natural Beauty and it’s such a perfect nude pink (not brown, I know crazy! What was wrong with me??) but its a lovely shade, so light and moisturizing and perfect for spring! And let me tell you about this eyeliner and how AMAZING THIS IS. It’s their liquid liner waterproof. It’s not the pen, which is good but holy smokes I’M OBSESSED WITH THIS. I have never used something  that has made making a winged eyeliner so easy, if you struggle try this. It’s amazing. And because it’s Essence, both products cost $2.99… YOU CAN’T LOOSE!

And lastly something that I was a little too excited about. I have been looking for this Benefits product for so long, because it’s my favorite shade Benefit does but in NY I just can’t seem to find the lipgloss version… but I FOUND IT IN FL!!! It’s their shade, Dandelion which is a beautiful peachy-pink perfect for spring and smells like watermelon (or some kind of fruit haha). It almost reminds me of Nars’ Orgasm.

Another thing I got while in Florida is a matching tattoo with my best friend, whom I don’t even consider anything less than family. I’m not going to get into the meaning but I am so in love with this tattoo that I had to share. (Side note its my third one and let me know if you guys would like some posts about tattoos and caring for them, tips, tricks and if your curious about my other two!)

Florida Tattoos

(We also went to Disney, cause well when in Florida) Love you to pieces Kate and miss you so much, thanks for the great picture! (Also can you tell which one is mine? Yay black nails always haha)

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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