ColourPop Haul Round 2!!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you are all excited for the weekend! (Also Happy Mother’s day to all the amazing Mom’s out there, including mine!)

ColouPop Round 2

In case you all couldn’t tell already, I have a slight addiction to ColourPop. But I do not care, because it is an amazing brand and there isn’t anything I don’t love from them. So just… go with me here…

ColourPop Round 2 Unboxing

This time, I got all products from different lines, minus the shadow because I couldn’t resist. I got two of their “Ultra Matte Lip”, another of their “Super Shock Shadow” and two of their “Lippie Stix”. And I have to say, like last time, I’m in love with every single item. They are just so amazing. So let’s get in to some swatches!!

ColourPop Round 2 SwatchesFrom left to right we have:

Ultra Matte Lip: “Chi”, which I have in the matching liner. I loved the liner and then just had to have the liquid lipstick. It’s the perfect brown for my skin tone and it is so lightweight and not drying, it’s perfect. Next is “Dr.M”, which is a beautiful dark green. I don’t know what possessed me to get it but I had to. I don’t know what I will wear this to just yet, but I am extremely excited to wear it. This one though is super drying on the lips, like holy cow Sahara Desert on your lips, but with some balm underneath and a good exfoliator after it’s just fine!

Super Shock Shadow: “Weenie”, this is the most pigmented softest eyeshadow I have ever seen in my entire life. I loved the last shadow I got but this one is so much more pigmented and so much more creamier. It’s a beautiful copper and just perfect for summer. So. Beautiful.

Lippie Stix: First we have “Grunge” which is the perfect ’90s brown so of course I’m obsessed and in love. And then we have “Lumière” which is my perfect your lips but better shade with a slight brown tint to it. Both of these smell like vanilla and both are matte. They’re perfect.

Both the shadow and two Lippie Stix are both from the collaboration with the YouTuber KathleenLights (whom I absolutely adore) and they are all perfection.

You may say obsessed, I say enthusiastic.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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