Another Day Another Trip to Sephora!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are having a great week so far!

Yesterday I was at Walt Whitman Mall on Long Island for a management conference and I had some time to kill so OF COURSE I went to Sephora, for a couple of reasons, one it was too early to go to get a drink at Cheesecake Factory, I had time to kill for my dinner date and because they might have different stock than my normal Sephora! (Luckily I was right, unlucky for my wallet).


Before you go, Amy come one ANOTHER lip product in the SAME color as always, I just want to say that I don’t like wearing a red lip and I love bold lips that are brown and I don’t like pink. Also I want to point out that this was the only color that I wanted in this new launch and I HAD TO TRY IT!!!!!

So I finally (it’s been sold out everywhere) got my hands on the new “Always On Liquid Lipstick” from Smashbox in the shade “Stepping Out” which is a beautiful brown-y nude. And I can’t wait to try it because I keep hearing amazing things about this product. We’ll see if ┬áit holds up to the BareMinerals Gen Nude Liquid Lipsticks because I am OBSESSED with the one I picked up last week!! (Seriously get your hands on it, there is a color for everyone!!)

Sine it’s summer I wanted to pick up a powder to set my under-eye concealer. I usually don’t use powder mostly because it’s another step and I used to use my fingers to blend in my concealer so even if I wanted to use powder I never had a way to apply it.

That’s a long winded way of saying it’s hot and I need something to make my concealer stay and do it’s job for the length it’s supposed to. I was wandering around and decided that I haven’t heard much about this product so I would try it and I wasn’t quite ready to spend $50 on an HourGlass powder no matter how nice they felt.

SO, I picked up the Laura Mercier “Invisible Pressed Setting Powder” in the shade “Universal”. It’s so soft and glided on my hand really smoothly, it says it’s light reflecting with a blurring effect. We’ll see! As I said, haven’t heard much about this product so I thought I’d give it a whirl!

Let me know your recommendations for setting the under eye area!! I need help with that haha!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



Best and Worst Mascaras!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you are excited for the weekend! As usual, I’m working all weekend so enjoy the summer sun for me, okay?

Today I want to talk about my personal mascara faves (high end and drugstore) and mascaras that are far from being my faves…

Mascara Faves and Hate Its

Let’s start with the ones that I don’t get along with…

Mascara Hates

The drugstore mascara that I do not like is from L’Oreal, it’s their Voluminous Butterfly Mascara. I was excited for this because I have heard great things and the brush looked great! But it did nothing for my lashes… They looked super natural and fanned out, which is nice but we all know I like clumpy lashes.

And for high-end was also sad that I didn’t get along with it because I love love love Charlotte Tilbury makeup. But the Full Fat Lashes mascara did the same thing as the L’Oreal mascara. It was a nice natural look but didn’t add any volume for me.

And now let’s get in to my favorite mascaras!

Mascara Faves

From the drugstore, I’m sure it’s no surprise that Maybelline made the list. We all know I love Maybelline! This is their The Colossal Spider Effect Mascara. And I am OBSESSED with this mascara. It gives amazing volume, nice length and makes your lashes super black. What’s nice is the brush and how you can control how clumpy you want your lashes to be. One coat gives great volume and length and a nice fanned out look, but two or three coats is where I like to live. Clumpy big lashes!

And for high-end, Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof mascara. I don’t know how much more I can go on about this mascara. Super super super volume, super black, doesn’t run or smudge or flake. Such a wonderful product. Just like the original but waterproof. And it’s not a pain in the neck to take off at the end of the day (the Maybelline one is but I will deal with it because I love it haha). This mascara also layers really nicely as well, which is great depending on what look you are going for!

There’s my favorites and not so favorite mascaras from the drugstore to high end! Let me know some of your favorites! I love all of these brands, sadly some of them just didn’t work out for me!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Beating the Heat in Sephora!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Sorry for the lateness of this post but it is insanely hot today on Long Island and my air con broke.

So I drove to the mall to pick up something at another store and ended up in Sephora… I know you’re not surprised but hey free a/c.


These two products really caught my eye because they sound different than things I have in my collection and one of them is new!

First up we have from Buxom we have their “True Nude Lip Foundation Crayon” in the shade “Undressed”. From my understanding it is supposed to be a line of matte flesh tone shades that are supposed to enhance your natural lip color and leaving a perfect base for your lip color or gloss or on it’s own. So far, when I tried it on I would have to agree. The scent I’m a little confused on. It smells a bit like potpourri? I’m not sure if it’s supposed to or I am going crazy but I don’t hate it…

And then I picked up something new from BareMinerals, which is their “Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor” in the shade “Om”. They have an immense selection of colors and they all smell like hot chocolate. To be honest it’s a bit much for me but I will so deal with it because this is probably the best liquid lipstick I have ever used. It’s so comfortable and not drying at all. It’s creme based and super hydrating and lasts soooooo well! Only $18 and I will absolutely be going back for more! (Plus the packaging is gorgeous)


(Buxom “Undressed” on top, BareMinerals “Om” on bottom)

Hope you are all enjoying summer so far and staying nice and cool!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


June Favorites!!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week was lovely and that you have some fun plans for this holiday weekend (if you live in the States) or I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend (if you don’t).

It is time for another one of our lovely Monthly Favorites, which are still one of my favorite posts to write, read, and watch on YouTube. So let’s jump right in, shall we?

June Favorites

We’ll start front to back:

From NARS we have their Satin Lip Pencil in the color “Bansar”, which is a lovely rose brown. Not entirely a summer color but I am a firm believer in don’t limit yourself to “seasons”. If you love it and it makes you feel good, wear it. Who cares what the weather is, wear black lipstick, brown lipstick, black nail polish all year round! But back to the product, I love this, it’s super creamy, super pigmented, when it wears down it leaves a nice stain and fades away beautifully. Like all NARS products, they stay put and are just phenomenal products. I have been wearing this every day since I bought it.

Next is from Elizabeth Arden. This is a sample of their 8 Hour Lip Balm, not the one that looks like a lipstick but one in a squeeze tube. This stuff works miracles. Oh my goodness, this is the best lip balm I have ever used. It doesn’t smell great but it isn’t strong and it doesn’t linger. It sinks in so well and is so thick and moisturizing and makes your lips absolutely perfect. We all know my struggle with lip care and this stuff I CANNOT live without. Seriously go to your Arden Counter (Macy’s is a great place to get it) and try it or ask for a sample because it’s amazing. Seriously. Go. Right now.

This month I have fallen back in love with my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in “Light Neutral”. I think mostly because it’s been getting warmer out (duh it’s summer) and I have been out in the sun more so I don’t feel like I need to highlight as much (since the sun gives me color and glow) and this concealer is just the perfect match for me right now in my collection. But this stuff is seriously the best. I always find my way back to it now. If you haven’t tried it yet, do.

And I have been using this brush I picked up from the aisle of doom to blend in my concealer everyday this month. It’s the Sephora Collection Classic Mini Multitasker Brush “#45.5”. It really is a multitasker. It’s amazing. Sephora brushes are some of my absolute favorites.

There ya go! These are the products that I have been actually using every single day this month. I love all of them and I don’t see anything changing in the near future. If you have some suggestions for me to try next month, let me know! Because I think I am still pretty stuck on these products, which means next months favorites won’t be so interesting haha!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo