Mini Mac Haul!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I was watching my usual YouTubers and Lily from Lily Pebbles and Ann from The Anna Edit and they had a Mac event and went shopping. Which of course, meant I had to as well. They both bought this eyeshadow and Lily bought the lipstick and watching both of them talk about the eyeshadow, I had to get it and the lipstick Lilly bought cause it’s right up my alley.


These two beauties are Mac’s Saddle matte eyeshadow and Spirit satin finish lipstick. Both I think are really nice for autumn!

I’m obsessed with these and I honestly don’t see me wearing any other lipstick than this for a very long time… I know big claim. But this is everything I look for in a nude. It’s brown but not too bold, it looks just like a brownier shade of my natural lip color so when it fades you can’t really tell, it smells amazing (come one who doesn’t love the scent of Mac lipsticks) and super comfortable to wear.

The eyeshadow, surprisingly I really love. Watching Anna wear it, I knew I would like it but I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off. But actually I really like it! I lately have just been taking a nice fluffy brush and putting it all over the lid and crease, popping on some mascara and I’m good to go! It’s a really nice rust brown shade that you can really build up, use as a wash of color or just have a light dusting like I do all over the lid. I have never used Mac eyeshadows before and so far they are amazing!

And that’s it! A short but sweet post! I haven’t tried a lot of Mac products before (first time I’ve used their eyeshadow) and really only use their lip liners and lipsticks. What are your holy grail items from Mac? Because I have a feeling I’m missing out on a lot of great products! Plus they have so much to choose from and I don’t know where to begin!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo




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