Favorite Fall/Winter Nail Polishes!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and are excited for the weekend!

I used to be the kind of person who would love to get her nails done, not because I was horrific at painting my own nails (I quite pride myself on doing a good job on my own nails haha) but more so because getting them done professionally makes my cuticles look like a dream and I can never get them to do that.

But since I am still unemployed and have some time on my hands I have been finding myself doing my nails more and more. I would do them all the time in college (cause the common theme throughout this sentence is being broke haha).

And now that it’s officially the holiday season I thought I would share my favorite go to nail polishes for this season that aren’t quite traditional (cause c’mon I’m not the red sparkles kinda gal). To be honest I wear these shades year round, so I guess we can say these are just my go to nail polishes 24/7.


Let’s start from lightest to darkest!

First up we have Marc Jacobs number 198 “White Snow”. I am OBSESSED with this shade, wearing strict white polish makes me look ill (super yellow skin toned and I look like I am seriously sick) but this is a muted milky white with the slightest hint of pink undertones in it. Marc Jacobs makes my favorite nail polishes, they are a bit pricey but my goodness do they last forever, could get away with one coat, and I honestly have had the polish on for two straight weeks and not even the slightest chip (and I’m pretty rough on my nails and hands). If you want to treat yourself to a nice polish, I seriously recommend any of the Marc Jacob polishes and especially this color!!

Next we have Essie’s number 501 “Au Natural”. It has a nice subtle sheen/ iridescence to it and its a gorgeous nude shade without making your skin look weird, if you know what I mean. It’s like those super light pinks that you see the Duchess of Cambridge wear, that looks like you have a clear coat on but something extra? Except this isn’t pink it’s a light brown (which we all know is right up my alley). If you haven’t given this one a try I highly recommend it. Also, not pictured is Essie’s “Wicked” which Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall I wear on my toes, I need to buy a new one which is why it’s not here haha!

Moving on to the darker colors we have OPI’s “Steele Waters Run Deep” which is this gorgeous gray color. Its extremely rich and as the name would suggest deep. Super opaque, lasts really well on the nails and it’s part of their “Infinite Shine” collection which I have to say stands up to it’s name, that shine did not leave my nails, I was very impressed. It’s a very unique gray, most nail polishes that are gray tend to have a little purple or lilac running through them (which I am not a huge fan of) this seems to be pretty close to a true dark gray that I fully appreciate.

Ending with another Marc Jacobs nail polish (spoiler I have three in total and not putting them all in hurt my heart a bit and I totally want to get more of these polishes), this is number 128 “Nirvana”.   Which is a gorgeous deep dark green, that from far away looks a bit like black but with a bit of something extra. This one I highly recommend two coats if you want the polish to look super deep and rich otherwise one coat will look mossy green. But like “White Snow” this polish is extremely long wearing, durable and absolutely stunning. Seriously, put some on your Christmas list these polishes are AMAZING.


I thought I would throw in my favorite base coat and top coat. My favorite base coat (which I have spoken about before) is Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails. And I feel like I am super late to this party but I just got my hands on Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. This stuff is actual magic. It makes my nail polish super durable, super shiny, chip resistant and dry super fast. And if you know me the worst part of painting my nails is waiting for them to dry (which is another reason I like getting them done professionally because I am forced to sit and have them dry and I spent money on them so I want my money’s worth haha) this stuff really makes them dry super quick. This is my secret weapon to making my nail polish last and last and last!

And that’s all she wrote! What are your go to fall/winter shades?? Let me know!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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