January Favorites!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I can’t believe that January is already over and it’s monthly favorites time!!!! Though, not gonna lie I’m super excited that time is going a bit quickly, my birthday this year I am going on vacation with my Momma, best friend and her family and I cannot wait we are doing to 50 something days! Anyway, enough of my rambling on!


First off, this gorgeous scarf that I bought off of Etsy, I love it because it’s quite a loud pattern with a ton of colors but the colors are a bit muted so it’s not super bright and it goes with everything (coming from the girl who literally only wears black)! I mean you can never have too many scarfs especially living in New York in January. It’s finally getting cold and I have worn this baby every single day!

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment cream… What can I say?? I have been using this for years now and it’s just the best. It smells so clean and works wonder on my dragon skin. I love it so much and just makes my skin feel soft and not greasy whatsoever. I am also super picky on lotion because I hate the feeling of lotion… Weird I know but whatever haha moving on…

As no surprise to any of you if you’ve read my latest posts how much I love the So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser by Formula 10.0.6… it really has done wonders for my skin and I cannot sing it’s praises enough. It cleared up my skin from the few blemishes I had and really prevented any new ones from popping up. I talked more about it in my Evening Skincare Routine so if you want more info check out that post!! :)

Next is another oldie but a goody! Glossier Mint Balm DotCom Universal Skin Salve. The weather has gotten quite cold in New York as I’ve previously said and this stuff really helps to heal and protect my skin and lips. I mostly use this on my lips but if my hands crack in the cold streets of NYC this stuff saves them almost instantly! I recommend anything from Glossier but if you are going to try one thing from them, seriously try this!

Another rediscovery this month is my beloved Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in the shade Trooper. This stuff is so amazing, super pigmented, super long wearing, and the brush in my mind makes it so easy to apply!! I love anything by Kat Von D, her products are incredible and she herself is just amazing!

Finally I have this candle given to me by one of my best friends and the best roommate that still has a ton of burn time left in it and I have been burning this since college! It’s by the brand I think called, Aromatherapy Give Love and I think you can pick this up at Target?? It’s a soy candle and she bought this for me because I get a lot of migraines and extremely sensitive to scents and this one actually helps with my migraines and doesn’t trigger one at all! It’s Fresh Lillies and Citrus with essential oils of Ylang and Orange. I am so bad at describing scents but it smells fresh and clean and I love burning this at all times of the day because with a cup of tea it’s super relaxing but in the morning it’s really energizing. It’s my favorite haha!

And that’s everything I have been loving for the month of January! I hope it was a good month for you! What products have you been loving this month??

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



Evening Skincare Routine!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having an amazing week! Today I wanted to share with you guys my evening skincare routine (as the title would suggest). The tail end of 2016 and this entire month I have been super super in to skincare and I think I have finally found my routine that really is helping my skin at the moment.

A little background on my skin, it is combo but more leaning on the dry side. I work out 5 times a week so my skin gets sweaty and gross and clogged most of the week which helps with the oily part of combo skin. But more often than not (especially this time of year) I resemble an alligator or as I like to call myself a dragon. So let’s jump in to the products that have been making me not a dragon anymore (which I have to admit I do enjoy being a dragon)!


Let me just get this out of the way so you don’t get annoyed with me saying it after every product…. I LOVE AND AM OBSESSED WITH ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

So we are going to talk about these products in the order that I use them starting off with….

The Sephora Collection Supreme Cleansing Oil for Face and Eyes! I use this to take off my makeup (when I am wearing it which is very very rare these days) and it’s fantastic for eye makeup and face makeup (obviously) but it’s really great for my eyeliner that is always waterproof as well as my mascara as well as cream eyeshadows! They all just melt away and this leaves your skin feeling so clean and fresh, not oily at all! This oil does not leave a residue on your skin at all! It does say on the bottle somewhere that when used with water it turns into a lotion so it is really nice for your skin. I put about one and a half sometimes two pumps into my hand with a drop or two of water and massage it on my dry face! This really changed up my makeup removing game and I don’t think I will ever go back to my old way!

After I take my makeup off, I will jump into a micellar water and for this I use Bioderma for sensitive skin. You can’t really tell by this picture but I am almost out of this and I’m crying every time I use it cause if you didn’t know I live in America and we don’t get Bioderma here… I picked this up when I was in Canada! If I am not wearing makeup I skip the oil and jump to this just to make sure my skin is clean and all the dirt from the day is wiped away! I was always skeptical of micellar waters until I started to use Bioderma, I used to use Simple Micellar Water but I just never noticed a difference and it didn’t feel like my skin was any cleaner or fresher. But I love this and if you have any recommendations on micellar waters please let me know cause I am going to have to buy a new one soon! :(

Next up is something that I just added to my routine for about three weeks or so and I have noticed an immense difference. These next two products were in my recent Ulta Haul and I really love them. This is Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser. I use it for my toner and now I never struggled with acne unless I am about to get my period. So about two to three days before I get it I will notice that my skin just goes haywire and pimples decide to join the party. Well this might be a bit TMI but I just finished my period and I have zero breakouts and pimples. And after almost a decade of getting my period this is the first time I had zero pimples, I still am in shock. If you don’t use something like this or a toner I really recommend trying to incorporate one in your routine because it has made such a difference. The bottle says you can use this up to three times a day (for me that is too much) I just use it at night when I tend to have more time to dedicate to my skin and it’s made such a difference. It is also SUPER AFFORDABLE and at Ulta it takes a coupon! So this giant bottle cost be $5!!!!

Then by the same brand Formula 10.0.6 is their P.M. Perfector Night Cream. It is a very weird texture, almost jelly like. Now, I have a lot of texture/sensory issues so I’m still trying to get over this but it’s supposed to be specifically for night time and it’s not breaking me out (I have really sensitive skin we all know this haha) so I’ll work on the texture. For a night cream it’s not super heavy but it’s not light either. It does feel a bit greasy but I think that is just because of the texture and it really needs to be worked in. So so far so good!

And finally, we have Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream! We all know my paranoia with aging skin so we have to have an eye cream! I really like this stuff, it’s not too crazy expensive as some eye creams are and I do notice a difference after one use and continual use, especially in the mornings (I don’t sleep enough). It’s unscented, great under makeup, great for nighttime and makes your under eyes and eye area hydrated, not puffy and super healthy looking!

**Not pictured my hand cream by Clarins (I talk about it in Friday’s post) and the Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Treatment by First Aid Beauty in the pot it’s yellow and minty and amazing!

That’s all she wrote folks! As someone who is very much a creature of habit and loves routine, I also hate dedicating like 20 minutes to skin care which is why I never did it before really. But this takes me 10 minutes at most and my skin looks so healthy and incredible! So yeah that’s my evening skincare routine!! I hope you liked it or found it interesting or both! What are you favorite skin care products?? Cause I could not go one night without these products!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


January Ipsy Bag!!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you week went well! Today I thought I would share with you guys what my January Ipsy bag had instore!! So without further ado, let’s jump in!


With this adorable denim blue metallic bag came 5 products and two full size products!

First up we have this top coat from Ciaté London, which is their “Gelology Top Coat” which, as the name would suggest its a gel top coat for your nails! Now, I am always looking for a good top coat because I am quite rough on my nails so I am super excited to give this one a try! I mean, it can’t be terrible because Ciaté London is an amazing brand!

Next is a mini of the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream with SPF 35 in the shade light! I’m super excited to try this, there was a time where BB Cream was all I would wear (now it’s just concealer if you’re lucky). I remember when Smashbox launched this and it looked incredible but since at that point all I wore was concealer I didn’t want to spend the money. So, yay! Makeup!

Then, we have a mineral eyeshadow from a vegan and cruelty free brand that I have never heard of before, Star Crushed Minerals. It’s in the shade Champagne, and it looks absolutely beautiful and if it has Star in the name/on the packaging (which it has both of) I am all for it!

Something from the brand, Jelly Pong Pong (another cruelty free brand and a brand I never heard of) lip scrub. But what excited me the most was the scent… Cause well, let’s get real a lip scrub is a lip scrub so how bad can it be? But the flavor/scent of this lip scrub is COFFEE AND COCONUT… OHMYGOODNESS. I mean, I haven’t opened it yet but I hope that it’s amazing because how amazing does that sound??? Keep your fingers crossed for me!

And finally, from The Vintage Cosmetic Company a pair of slanted rose gold tweezers! You can never have too many tweezers and one Christmas my Mom bought me a pair of rose gold eyelash curlers from this brand and they were actually really nice! So I am looking forward to using these!

And that was everything from January Ipsy bag!! Do you subscribe to Ipsy?? If so, what did you get this month? Let me know!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Spending My Ulta Gift Card!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having a great week! Last week I had a few free hours and I was able to head to Ulta to pick up some not fun things and some fun things and as always I wanted to share!


Let’s get the boring things out of the way first! I picked up a 375 count of Q-Tips and a 200 pack of Cotton squares! I saw the cotton squares and people really seem to like this shape more so than the rounds, so I figured I would give them a try, considering I don’t use them to take my eye makeup off anymore! And I feel like because they are bigger I can use just one with my Micellar Water instead of two with the rounds.

I picked up probably my fourth or fifth bottle of L’Oreal’s Blow Dry It Quick Dry Primer Spray, this type of product I always thought that it was kinda of a hype but didn’t actually do anything. But this stuff actually does cut my blow dry (when I do blow dry my hair, which isn’t often) time in half and also adds heat protectant to my hair! It also smells amazing!

My best friend found this brand at Ulta (I haven’t found it anywhere else) and she swears by it. She gave me a mini of one of their face masks and I absolutely loved it. And since my skin has been so bad lately I’ve been looking for a toner/acne treatment and a night cream especially since the weather has really turned to winter here in NY. So! I picked up two products from the brand Formula 10.0.6 (they also had a special buy one get on 40%). First was their So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser and their night cream P.M. Perfector (which smells amazing by the way) so far the night cream has made a visible difference, the cleanser not so much but I’m counting on the fact that my skin settled down since it’s not my time of the month, so we’ll see!

And now, some fun makeup bits! First up I picked up another Liquid Lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills in the shade “Stripped” which is the brown version of “Pure Hollywood” from them. Even though these are super drying on the lips but if you moisturize these last all day no matter what you do. They are the best! I picked up another waterproof eyeliner from Essence (not the pen one, the dip liner) which is the best liner you could find for $2. And I picked up a lipstick from Maybelline’s new Bold’s Collection and it’s the shade 760 Gone Greige and I love it, it smells great, it’s a great formula, it lasts incredibly well and I love the color. I’m really in to the grey toned nude shades it’s my perfect bold lip!

And that’s everything I picked up from Ulta with my gift card that I got for Christmas!! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Charlotte Tilbury!! 

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you had a lovely week! I had a very exciting order arrive this week and I had to share!! 

This little but absolutely gorgeous set from Charlotte Tilbury is her “Quick ‘N’ Easy” looks and this is her “Natural Glowing Look” and it’s one of four sets. It comes with a gorgeous makeup bag with her signature lips on it and five beautiful products.  

You get: 

Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade Very Victoria (which is this beautiful matte nude) 

Color Chameleon in the shade Amber Haze (just as the name would suggest an amber color absolutely gorgeous) 

Mini Legendary Lashes Mascara (surprisingly I very much enjoyed this Mascara it didn’t flake smudge or run and held a curl pretty well) 

Beach Stick in the shade Moon Beach (haven’t used it yet but a stunning nude peach shade) 

And a Mini Wonderglow (I mean it’s in the name…) 

All for $75.00. A bit pricey but her lipsticks alone are over $20 so it’s a really great deal in my mind. And of course her products are some of the best luxury products on the market today. 

They have full sized products, mini and delux mini products and they are all absolute perfection. 

I highly recommend you looking in to her if you are look for amazing quality products. 

What are some of your favorite Charlotte Tilbury products?? 

Until next time, 

Cheers! xoxo


December Favorites!! 

Happy Wednesday and Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you are as excited as I am for 2017 as I am! I’m so excited to be back and we’re going to jump into one of my favorite posts to write! So let’s jump right in! 

Let’s go from left to right: 

Starting with Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder! It’s a white translucent powder that I use to set my concealer under my eyes. I definitely enjoy it though I still think the Laura Mercier universal powder is my favorite. 

Next is something that has not only changed my skin care game but changed how I take off my makeup. This is the Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil for Eyes and Face. This stuff is amazing. Oh my goodness if you wear waterproof mascara like I do, or wear a lot of makeup, or have dry skin this stuff will take care of all of that. It’s obviously cleans your face but with a bit of water it turns into a lotion and takes off your makeup and leaves your skin feeling so clean and healthy! I swear my life is changed and I will never go back haha! 

Another game changer for me this month was the Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment. This is really great for cold days when you’re walking around the city in a snow storm it protects heals and doesn’t have a scent (which I personally enjoy). It’s a bit pricey (even for Clinique in my mind) but I do think it’s worth it. I had quite a hard time getting my hands on it, I went to three different stores and finally had to order it from Sephora. Still worth it. 

And finally and oldie but a goodie! It’s Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser (in the shade Fair). This stuff got me through senior year of college. And if it could make an overworked overwhelmed college senior look god enough to go to the bars without having to pay, then you know it’s good. I have found it again and am so glad I have. This stuff is just so amazing, if you haven’t tried it yet, please do. 

These are my December favorites! What have you loved this December?? 

Until next time, 

Cheers! xoxo