Evening Skincare Routine!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having an amazing week! Today I wanted to share with you guys my evening skincare routine (as the title would suggest). The tail end of 2016 and this entire month I have been super super in to skincare and I think I have finally found my routine that really is helping my skin at the moment.

A little background on my skin, it is combo but more leaning on the dry side. I work out 5 times a week so my skin gets sweaty and gross and clogged most of the week which helps with the oily part of combo skin. But more often than not (especially this time of year) I resemble an alligator or as I like to call myself a dragon. So let’s jump in to the products that have been making me not a dragon anymore (which I have to admit I do enjoy being a dragon)!


Let me just get this out of the way so you don’t get annoyed with me saying it after every product…. I LOVE AND AM OBSESSED WITH ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS OH MY GOODNESS THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

So we are going to talk about these products in the order that I use them starting off with….

The Sephora Collection Supreme Cleansing Oil for Face and Eyes! I use this to take off my makeup (when I am wearing it which is very very rare these days) and it’s fantastic for eye makeup and face makeup (obviously) but it’s really great for my eyeliner that is always waterproof as well as my mascara as well as cream eyeshadows! They all just melt away and this leaves your skin feeling so clean and fresh, not oily at all! This oil does not leave a residue on your skin at all! It does say on the bottle somewhere that when used with water it turns into a lotion so it is really nice for your skin. I put about one and a half sometimes two pumps into my hand with a drop or two of water and massage it on my dry face! This really changed up my makeup removing game and I don’t think I will ever go back to my old way!

After I take my makeup off, I will jump into a micellar water and for this I use Bioderma for sensitive skin. You can’t really tell by this picture but I am almost out of this and I’m crying every time I use it cause if you didn’t know I live in America and we don’t get Bioderma here… I picked this up when I was in Canada! If I am not wearing makeup I skip the oil and jump to this just to make sure my skin is clean and all the dirt from the day is wiped away! I was always skeptical of micellar waters until I started to use Bioderma, I used to use Simple Micellar Water but I just never noticed a difference and it didn’t feel like my skin was any cleaner or fresher. But I love this and if you have any recommendations on micellar waters please let me know cause I am going to have to buy a new one soon! :(

Next up is something that I just added to my routine for about three weeks or so and I have noticed an immense difference. These next two products were in my recent Ulta Haul and I really love them. This is Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser. I use it for my toner and now I never struggled with acne unless I am about to get my period. So about two to three days before I get it I will notice that my skin just goes haywire and pimples decide to join the party. Well this might be a bit TMI but I just finished my period and I have zero breakouts and pimples. And after almost a decade of getting my period this is the first time I had zero pimples, I still am in shock. If you don’t use something like this or a toner I really recommend trying to incorporate one in your routine because it has made such a difference. The bottle says you can use this up to three times a day (for me that is too much) I just use it at night when I tend to have more time to dedicate to my skin and it’s made such a difference. It is also SUPER AFFORDABLE and at Ulta it takes a coupon! So this giant bottle cost be $5!!!!

Then by the same brand Formula 10.0.6 is their P.M. Perfector Night Cream. It is a very weird texture, almost jelly like. Now, I have a lot of texture/sensory issues so I’m still trying to get over this but it’s supposed to be specifically for night time and it’s not breaking me out (I have really sensitive skin we all know this haha) so I’ll work on the texture. For a night cream it’s not super heavy but it’s not light either. It does feel a bit greasy but I think that is just because of the texture and it really needs to be worked in. So so far so good!

And finally, we have Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream! We all know my paranoia with aging skin so we have to have an eye cream! I really like this stuff, it’s not too crazy expensive as some eye creams are and I do notice a difference after one use and continual use, especially in the mornings (I don’t sleep enough). It’s unscented, great under makeup, great for nighttime and makes your under eyes and eye area hydrated, not puffy and super healthy looking!

**Not pictured my hand cream by Clarins (I talk about it in Friday’s post) and the Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Treatment by First Aid Beauty in the pot it’s yellow and minty and amazing!

That’s all she wrote folks! As someone who is very much a creature of habit and loves routine, I also hate dedicating like 20 minutes to skin care which is why I never did it before really. But this takes me 10 minutes at most and my skin looks so healthy and incredible! So yeah that’s my evening skincare routine!! I hope you liked it or found it interesting or both! What are you favorite skin care products?? Cause I could not go one night without these products!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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