The Lip Game Has Been Changed…

Happy Wednesday everyone and happy February!! I hope you are all having an amazing week thus far!

Today, I wanted to share with you my new to me (but not new to Sephora) lip game changer! It’s by Sephora (so it’s super cheap and super great quality) and they just released a whole new line of colors, more specifically nude colors!! So we all know I had to jump at the chance! A lot of people rave about this product but I’m not a red lip wearer or a pink lip wearer so I could never find a color in their range that I liked… Until now and I want them all!


This is Sephora’s Lip Cream Stain in the shade 21 Pretty Beige! And it is very much a pretty beige, with a gray tone to it which I have been LOVING lately!


Here is the Cream Stain swatched on my hand and I love it! I love the shade, I love the product and I love the price. For $14 you will get a gorgeous range of shades to choose from and a product that is so lightweight you barely notice you have anything on your lips and something that wears ALL DAY LONG. I wore this all day and ate, drank water, drank tea, went about my day and it did not budge. I did not have to reapply, it didn’t flake, or crumble, feather or fade it looked gorgeous all day and I was extremely impressed.

It’s opaque in one swipe across your lips, easy to apply, pretty forgiving if you catch your missed swipe quickly and when it sets it doesn’t make your lips feel dry and it looks great!

So obviously I have to go back and get more because I’m crazy and obsessive. Do you have a shade that you love?? I have my eye on the “Nude Flush” color next! Have you tried these? Do you love them? Hate them? Just think they’re okay? Let me know!!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo





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