More Jewelry Loves!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope that you had a great weekend and that you’re week is going well! Today I wanted to talk about a jewelry company that I have fallen in love with!!

And that is Missoma Jewelry. They are an England based company but let me tell you they have the quickest and most incredible shipping process for shipping to the States. I have never ordered something from England and have it arrive so quickly. It’s packaged beautifully and feels so luxury when you open the box itself and then the box with your piece in!


I ordered their Evil Eye necklace because I am obsessed. I got it in silver (I wanted the gold but they were out of stock, it’s restocked now and seriously debating getting it and then giving this one to one of my friends…) and it’s gorgeous. It has a line of white topaz stones and turquoise and has three different rings for where you want your necklace to fall.

I personally wear it on the longest setting because I always wear my Tiffany’s Bean necklace that my Mom got me and it layers so beautifully together with the Evil Eye hanging the lowest.

But I am so in love with this company, their shipping policies and their incredibly crafted pieces!

What are your favorite jewelry brands?? I’m always on the hunt for new jewelry pieces haha!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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