What’s in my Birthday Travel Makeup Bag!!

Happy Friday everyone!! As you are reading this, it’s my birthday!!! And I am spending it with my Mom, best friend Kate and her family in Disney World! I hope you are excited for the weekend and had a great week!

Since it’s my birthday I figured I would upload my absolute favorite type of posts to write, read, watch videos and definitely my most searched! And that’s right! By the title, this is what I packed with my makeup wise for this trip to Disney!

Birthday Travel Makeup!

I think this is the least amount of products I have ever taken (now this does not include skincare or toiletries… Skincare wise I’m bring my Simple Face Wash, Estee Lauder Day Wear moisturizer and my Clinique take the day off makeup oil). I think it’s because I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup lately which I have been loving! I’m trying to be more minimal in everything so streamlining my makeup was my number one and it makes getting ready so much easier!  Anyway… Let’s get into it!

Birthday Makeup Tools

Let’s start with the brushes I am bringing (and I apologize for how dirty they are, I wrote this awhile ago and I cleaned them before the trip haha)! We have the Real Techniques Mini Sponge which I have been absolutely loving! An E.L.F. (broken but still great) brush for setting powder and I believe this is their small concealer brush… I’ve talked about this one a lot so you can find it in another post pre-breaking haha! And finally another E.L.F. brush, one I do not think I can live without anymore, their pencil brush which I have also talked about in other posts before where I go more in detail. I love it, it’s amazing and perfect and we have a great relationship.

**Not pictured because I forgot are my all time favorite eyelash curlers from Suratt Beauty!!

Birthday Face Makeup

For face products I am bringing my Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in the shade “Fairly Light Neutral” I’m obsessed with this concealer, it stays put all day doesn’t crease and looks amazing! Which is exactly what I need in Disney, something that I do not have to worry about when I’m pulling 12-18 hour days riding roller coasters! And to set it I have my Make Up For Ever High Definition Pressed Powder in Translucent, I do miss my Laura Mercier one but this does the job very well (and look how cute and tiny it is!)!

Birthday Eye Makeup

For my eyes I have my trusty and old friend from Tarte their “Lights, Camera, SPLASHES” waterproof mascara for my birthday night (surprisingly I haven’t been wearing mascara at all lately and I have been enjoying but I want a little something more for my birthday night). My beloved Tattoo liquid liner from Kat Von D Beauty in the shade “Trooper” and another beloved eye pencil from MAC in the shade “Coffee” for basically the other days that aren’t my birthday night haha!

Birthday Lip Product

And can you believe your eyes??? Only ONE LIP PRODUCT!! WHO AM I??? I know, I’m freaking myself out too! I told you guys, streamlining my life! This is MAC’s Lip Pencil in the shade “Stone” which is a gorgeous gray toned nude (my favorite)! I chose this because it’s hot in Florida and I don’t want my lipsticks to melt and I don’t want to be bothered with a liquid lipstick for my night out with friends so lip pencil it is!

**Also not pictured because I was clearly not thinking straight when I took the pictures and wrote this post my lip balm which is the Aquaphor Lip Repair with SPF, I have been obsessed with this stuff it’ll be in my favorites!

And that is everything I have packed makeup wise for my trip! I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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