March Favorites!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! Like every month, I can’t believe it’s this time again! So let’s get in to some things that I have been absolutely loving this month!

March 2017 Favorites

Let’s start off with the largest item of my favorites this month and that’s my bullet journal! I started it in February and having a full month and a half of using it I am never going back. I absolutely love it! I love it because it allows me to be creative and use my “decent” drawing skills to make a planner and journal that I can tailor to my needs and allows me to change it up every month if I so choose! (Let me know if you want a full post about my bullet journal and how I use it and design it! I’m thinking of doing one because I really love mine haha)

Instead of going left to right, let’s go clockwise today! So up top we have the Burt’s Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream! I love this stuff and since I haven’t been getting my nails done since I don’t work in an environment that you have to be super well groomed for and it’s expensive haha! So with that being said, my nails have been struggling because they aren’t being taken care of on a regular basis. And this stuff has been saving my nails and especially my cuticles which are always a nightmare. It also smells great!

And if we haven’t guessed the next one yet by my like last three posts where I talk about it; it’s the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in the shade “Fairly Light Neutral” my perfect shade and so far my perfect concealer. Bold claim, I know. But it’s true! This stuff is lightweight and light coverage if you want it to be, or you can build it up without the worry of feeling cakey and heavy. If you haven’t tried this concealer yet and looking for a new one to try, I highly recommend. And Tarte is just one of my favorite high end brands all around.

Next up we have a lip product (what would a monthly favorites be without a lip product??)! This is a lip balm from Aquaphor and it’s their Lip Protectant Repair and Protect with SPF. I’m a big fan of Aquaphor, it’s great. I used it all growing up with my eczema, for healing my tattoos, to help my super super dry skin and lips so when I saw this I had to pick it up and try it. I love it, it’s unscented and a bit lighter than Aquaphor normally which I really appreciate for the lips but it still gets the job done. My lips feel instantly smoother and hydrated and it’s a great base under lip sticks, lip liner, liquid lipstick you get the picture. Also, it has SPF, which is super important always but especially on your lips which you don’t always realize! So I’m a big fan!

Finally, we have the Real Techniques Mini Sponge that I bought from Walgreens a while ago! I am obsessed. It’s amazing and tiny and perfect for under the eyes and concealer as well as a tiny perfect match for my Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. As you guys know, I don’t wear foundation so big sponges are kinda difficult when you’re only applying concealer and don’t want it to get everywhere. This sponge is perfect and gives me the control to keep the concealer where I want it! And plus, it comes in a pack of two and is super cheap because it’s Real Techniques!

And that’s all I have been loving this month!! Let me know what you have been loving this month!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo




2 thoughts on “March Favorites!!

    1. Sorry for the late response!! But yes! I really have been enjoying it! It’s a bit on the thicker side but if you set it, it doesn’t budge or crease! I wore it on my recent trip to sunny hot Florida (where it was way too hot) and my concealer was still there at the end of the night! xoxo

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