Fiction Friday ~ What’s On My Reading List!!

Happy Fiction Friday everyone! I hope you had a lovely week! Today, I thought I would share some books that are on my bedside table, which is where I keep the books I want to read next stacked up!

Reading List

We have a book by Jessie Burton an English actress and author titled, The Miniaturist. Set in 1686 it follows a young heroine of 18 who is married off to a wealthy man twice her age. Missing her country home, he has a craftsman make, essentially, a doll house for her which is an exact replica of her old home. From reading the back cover, drama ensures with the man who makes this house of miniatures for our young heroine, Nella Oortman. Which more than likely means a romance happens between the two. One day I was wondering Barnes & Noble, as one does, and I love books that take place in this time period so I thought I would give it a read!

We then have a book from a recommendation from a friend, by author Sarah Hilary titled, Someone Else’s Skin. Your typical murder mystery novel, which come one who doesn’t love a good murder mystery! I have read the first few chapters, and the writing is very gripping thus far! (Always a plus for a murder!) I don’t know what else to write for this one because I don’t want to give anything away haha!

And finally, something not only for pleasure but business as well, a book by Stephen Marche, How Shakespeare Changed Everything. Which basically discuss how Shakespeare is all around us and formed the world we live in today when it comes to plays, stories, art, and all that good stuff!

Those are the books that are on my bedside table! Let me know if you have any recommendations! I’m always looking for more books to read!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



April Favorites!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having a lovely week! Sorry that I didn’t post last Friday, my Mom was off and I lost track of time. But I’m back and let’s talk about my favorite time of the month, favorites time!!

April 2017 Favorites

Not a lot of products this month, but these three items I have been using everyday and absolutely loving!!

I haven’t been wearing makeup lately and it’s been absolutely great not just for my skin but my confidence as well. I used to never be able to leave the house without makeup all through high school and college. But lately I just can’t be bothered wearing it and touching it up and for me I have noticed that makeup was never something I wore to be confident but to just play. Granted, I just came to that realization because I thought my skin was crap my eyes were too Asian, my skin tone itself was a weird color but looking back and reflecting on it I’m still the same socially awkward, keep to herself kind of person with or without makeup. So that’s been liberating!

But back to my favorites!

First up an eye cream!! This is Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream, not only does it make my under eye area look less gray and dark but it makes all the little lines smooth out, smells amazing, and got rid of my dry patches (cause well Intense Hydration). My under eye area has never looked so healthy and bright! And because it’s Burt’s Bees it’s 99% natural and chock full of good stuff!!

Which is why another Burt’s Bees product is in here this month! As a lip balm addict, we know how much I try different lip balms and I have always loved Burt’s Bees lip balms, they’re super hydrating, have good natural ingredients and smell amazing. (Though weirdly, I am allergic to the Vanilla flavored lip balm, but just that one) I usually go for the Wild Cherry flavor (I love anything cherry flavored) but my second favorite is their Coconut & Pear flavor. I haven’t had this one in a while and I just finished my Wild Cherry one so I figured I would pick this up, especially considering for some reason I have been on a coconut flavored everything bend… It smells delicious and like summer and it’s great.

And finally an eyeliner from NYX Cosmetics, this is their Eye and Eyebrow Pencil in the shade SPE901 Black. And it’s a great eyeliner, super affordable, not as black as I would like but I’ll take it, smudges a bit but that’s the look I go for haha! Lately I’ve been just wearing a pencil eyeliner lightly smudged on the lash line and concealer and that’s it. And I have been absolutely loving it.

That’s all she wrote! What products have you been loving this month?! Let me know!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Sephora VIB Springtime Sale!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having a great week! The sun has been shining and it feels like Spring is here to stay! And with spring, not only do we get warmer weather but we get the 1st sale of the year with Sephora!! SO of course, I went on the first day and I have to share! (Also the sale starts on April 18th and goes through April 24th! For VIB Rouge you get 15% off and for VIB I believe it’s 10%)

Spring VIB Sale

Because I went on the first day, we all got this adorable tote bag which I used as a base for the photo haha! Anyway, let’s jump right in shall we?

First up, I picked up the BareMinerals Correcting Concealer Broad Spectrum SPF 20, in the shade “Light 1”. Lately, I have been a big fan of these types of concealers, I used to LOVE the Bobbi Brown one, the Tarte CC Cream as well as my personal favorite the Glossier Stretch Concealer. So I wanted to try the BareMinerals one because I love BareMinerals! I picked up Light 1 but I think I am Light 2 actually, but they didn’t have Light 2 so we’ll see haha!

I then picked up a Matte Crème Lip Crayon from Bite Beauty in the shade “Amaretto” which is a gorgeous peachy-nude perfect for spring and summer. I saw someone on Youtube use this with a minimal makeup look and they had an olive tint to their skin, like me, and it looked AMAZING so I had to pick it up! (Funny story, I was snapchatting my best friend and she was like I have that one and you were with me when I bought it, I completely forgot and she was right and I loved it then too haha!)

I then picked up the Sephora Collection Lip Balm in the flavor Coconut Water. The same Youtuber who used “Amaretto” used this and oh my goodness, I’m in love with this! It smells amazing, super light weight but super nourishing and isn’t too glossy or sticky! They also have a bunch of other flavors but I think the coconut is my favorite! And because it’s Sephora Collection it’s very affordable!

Next up, I grabbed a set of three “level setter” razors. Meant for your face to remove peach fuzz and that kind of stuff! Personally I’ve used these to keep my eyebrows groomed between waxings and usually pick them up at the drugstore, but I have been having no luck in finding them!

And finally, a 100 point perk is an adorable mini Loose Setting Powder from Laura Mercier in the shade “Translucent” which everyone raves about and I haven’t tried it before and thought I’d give it a go!

And that’s everything I picked up! Are you planning on taking part in the sale?? What’s in your Sephora shopping cart??

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


April Ipsy Bag!!

Happy Friday everyone!

…Okay, let’s take a second to yell at me for another Friday post that isn’t “Fiction Friday”. I’m sorry, I suck, I know. But my Ipsy bag this month was a bit late in arrival, and when I got it I honestly couldn’t wait for next week! I had to share! Because, well this might be my favorite one yet!

April 2017 Ipsy Bag

Not only is this my favorite bag I have gotten (I know I said that about the Halloween one and the constellation one but I’M OBSESSED with this one!!) but I think this is the first time that I will absolutely be using/ trying all of the products!

SO! First let’s talk about something that I am so beyond excited for and have been freaking out about it since I opened the bag this month! AND THAT IS A LISA FRANK BRUSH. A LISA FRANK BRUSH. If you’re my age or a bit older you’ll know HOW FREAKING AWESOME LISA FRANK IS! Your school supplies never looked cooler. Not only is the design of the brush make my 90s heart super happy but it seems like it would be a really great brush! It’s super soft, not dense but definitely good for powder or bronzer!

I then received a little face cream for dry sensitive skin (ME!) from the brand “Eau Thermale Avène” clearly a French brand, that I haven’t heard of but it smells lovely and I trust the French especially when it comes to skincare and makeup. All the packaging and writing on it is in French, which I do speak, so it looks like its got lots of good stuff in there for your skin!

And then from another brand I haven’t heard of their “Cupuaçu Butter Lip Balm” by the brand Adesse New York. I haven’t used it but I swatched it on the back of my hand and it feels nice, with a super subtle tint which would be perfect for spring! The smell though… I don’t know if I love it or hate it… To me, it honestly smells like a Michael’s Craft Store. Which to be fair is not a bad smell at all, I personally find it super calming (I’m crafty and artsy what can I say!) but as a lip balm… I don’t know. Did any of you guys get this product too?? Am I crazy? What do you think of the smell??

I then got a lovely little Bamboo Bronzer from Ciatè London. Which is such a gorgeous shade and such a perfect size. Though, I don’t use bronzer, I love using bronzer as a crease shade! And I’ve been getting more into eyeshadows lately so I’m super excited to use this! I also, just really love Ciatè London and their packaging (so many stars!).

And finally something that I am just as hyped about as the Lisa Frank brush, is something from COLOURPOP! We all know how much I love them and their products, prices and quick shipping. In this month’s bag I got, one of the Crème Gel Liner’s in the shade “Mr. Bing” which is this absolutely GORGEOUS brown another perfect shade for spring/summer! I have another of their Crème Gel Liner’s that I purchased, and they’re honestly some of my absolute favorite eye liners, they last all day, super pigmented, easy to smudge out but once they set they do not budge!

Overall, I am SUPER THRILLED with this month’s bag! What did you get in yours?? Did we get similar products?? Let me know!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Drugstore Dupes!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having a great week! Today, I wanted to share some really great dupes (if I do say so myself) with you guys!!

Dupes Dupes Dupes!

SO! Let’s start with the product that started the idea for this dupes post! And that is of course, a lip product!

MAC Spirit Dupe

One of my favorite lipsticks from MAC is “Spirit” it’s a Satin finish and I think it is super underrated. It is such a flattering nude and is a your lips but browner shade that is so flattering (and doesn’t make my teeth look more yellow than they are which browns tend to do for me at least). The dupe I found is NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade “Abu Dhabi”. The only difference is the wear time and price ($17 versus $4), but the color is spot on (in my opinion). They both smell like vanilla and the finish is a bit different but nothing drastic!

White Snow dupe

Next is a dupe for one if my favorite nail polishes, that I have spoken about quite a bit on my blog. And that is Marc Jacobs polish in the shade “186 White Snow”. It is such a gorgeous color and such a gorgeous formula. Though they are pretty expensive for something that’s gonna chip and (if you’re like me) be pretty rough on my hands. Essie’s “Limo-Scene” isn’t an exact dupe (Essie’s has a slight pink to it, honestly Essie’s Marshmallow would be pretty exact) but I wanted to share because I really love both of these colors!! And Essie isn’t like SUPER cheap but it’s absolutely more affordable than Marc Jacobs haha!

NARS Concealer Dupe

Next is a dupe I am pretty sure I have done already, but I wanted to share again because I think it’s really great! But the NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer is a GREAT dupe for NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. And a heck of a lot cheaper… I got mine for $3 at Ulta where NARS is $29… I mean, you really can’t compare. It honestly lasts just as well, covers just as well, doesn’t crease, doesn’t budge, it’s such a good drugstore concealer. I am such a fan and lover of NYX, they’re a great brand with fantastic products with such an amazing price point (super super affordable) and cruelty free! You honestly cannot go wrong with NYX.

Micellar Water dupe

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a dupe but something I am newly obsessed with that I wanted to share. So I recently bought Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water AND I AM IN LOVE. Not only is the packaging phenomenal but the product itself is honestly the best micellar water I’ve used. It’s super hydrating and gentle and actually does a pretty darn good job and getting rid of makeup. They have two other kinds (Yes to Cucumber and Yes to Cotton) that I have seen so you have a bit of options on what you want the benefits to be, I chose hydrating because well I have dragon skin and I love anything coconut.

So yeah! That’s everything I wanted to share today! I hope you enjoyed this! What are your favorite dupes?? I’m a sucker for dupes and saving money!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



The Happiest Place on Earth!!

Happy Friday everyone! It feels good to be back, I’ve missed writing posts! (I know I haven’t missed a post at all within the past weeks but I have had the last 6 or 7 posts scheduled since the middle of March because I was going away for my birthday but now I’m back writing again!)

For my 24th birthday this past March, my Momma, two best friends, and my best friends Mom and Sister came to Walt Disney World to celebrate my birthday and I wanted to share some pictures with you guys!


(Cinderella’s Castle) 


(Walt and Mickey in front of the castle)

I’ve been very lucky in my life to spend three birthday’s here at Walt Disney World, my 2nd, 16th and 24th! And have been even luckier to keep visiting the most magical and happiest place on Earth, not just for family vacations but as a performer! I’ve been lucky enough to perform on two different occasions on a Disney stage, and it’s the best memories I have.

We spent my actual birthday in Magic Kingdom where my best friend in the entire world came up to spend the weekend with me (she lives in Florida now) and my other best friend in the world, who works at Walt Disney World, had the day off and was able to spend the day with us.

Sara Rob and I

(Me, Sara, and Rob) 

It was honestly the best week in my life in a very long time. I finally felt like me again and I think everyone could tell from my smile that after a long time of losing my self and being in a dark place, I was back and happier than ever. Feeling free, recharged and lighter than air.

Disney has a funny way of doing that, it worked when I was 7 and my Momma and I took our first vacation together after my father left and we were the happiest people in the world. We couldn’t stop smiling and we hadn’t smiled that true or that big in years. I’m a huge Disney fan/nerd always have been and always will be. And though, I have a few happy places, this is 100% absolutely one of them.

Waiting for Fireworks

(Momma, Rob, Sara and I! From top to bottom!) 

And here, my favorite thing about Magic Kingdom ending our day here watching Wishes my favorite firework show at Disney World. Though the night didn’t end there, Sara and I then went out to Disney Springs (which was Downtown Disney but they re-did it) and went to my absolute favorite Irish Pub Ragland Road and drank the night away, as you do on your birthday vacation extravaganza… And for those of you wondering, yes we did pay for it the next day when we met up with Sara’s Mom and Sister… Still a great day though, even in Disney hangovers are not that bad!

Pluto and I

Here, we have one of my absolute favorite pictures, is of my dear friend Pluto showing my the Castle, and well I think he was trying to get me to move in, and I think it worked…

RC and I

And here we have me and RC from Toy Story my favorite Disney Pixar film! My Mom and I always stay at the All Star Resorts, my favorite is All Star Movies and that is where we stayed this time and we got lucky and got the Toy Story section which just made my day, clearly as you can see!

Mom, Sara, Rob, if you’re reading this, I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for making my birthday so so so so special. I haven’t been this happy in so long and it was so wonderful to feel this way again. I have forgotten what it was like to smile and not be able to stop, and now I can’t stop smiling when I think about this trip and how wonderful it was. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all so so much.

It really is the happiest place on Earth.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Product Empties!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having a lovely week! Today, I wanted to do something a bit different and talk about some products that I have used up and loved!


First up we have the Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask! This is meant to clear your pores and my goodness does it do that. I love love love this mask. It’s super cooling and deep cleaning leaving my skin feeling tight and fresh! As you can see I have a bit left that I can’t squeeze out so I’m going to have to take a scissor to it and scoop it out because I love it so much and I can’t bear to waste any!

Next is something that I honestly don’t think I could live without. It’s by Clarins and it is their Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. And when I first got my hands on this I was pretty sure that it wasn’t going to do anything for my nails, because c’mon how could it?? But this was my second tube and I have a back up because not only does it leave my hands super soft but it leaves my cuticles super soft and my nails look so much healthier! Maybe that’s a placebo effect but my cuticles are softer when I use this! It smells great and clean it’s not greasy whatsoever, super lightweight but works amazingly well! I absolutely love this stuff.

And lastly, we have something that I have used for a good year and have gone through about three of these. This is Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It (H)Air Styler. I don’t blow dry my hair because I don’t have three extra hours in the day, so I use this stuff and it has changed my life. Since using this I actually like my hair (it still annoys the crap out of me but at least I like it) and it has made air drying less horrible. I use about a dime size and run this all through my hair and it just lets my hair air dry with keeping the volume and curl my hair naturally has but ZERO FRIZZ. It’s amazing. I love this stuff. It’s a bit pricey (the small travel size that’s pictured is $15) so if anyone knows a good dupe please let me know!

I know it’s not a lot but I thought I would share because I love reading these kinds of posts!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo