April Ipsy Bag!!

Happy Friday everyone!

…Okay, let’s take a second to yell at me for another Friday post that isn’t “Fiction Friday”. I’m sorry, I suck, I know. But my Ipsy bag this month was a bit late in arrival, and when I got it I honestly couldn’t wait for next week! I had to share! Because, well this might be my favorite one yet!

April 2017 Ipsy Bag

Not only is this my favorite bag I have gotten (I know I said that about the Halloween one and the constellation one but I’M OBSESSED with this one!!) but I think this is the first time that I will absolutely be using/ trying all of the products!

SO! First let’s talk about something that I am so beyond excited for and have been freaking out about it since I opened the bag this month! AND THAT IS A LISA FRANK BRUSH. A LISA FRANK BRUSH. If you’re my age or a bit older you’ll know HOW FREAKING AWESOME LISA FRANK IS! Your school supplies never looked cooler. Not only is the design of the brush make my 90s heart super happy but it seems like it would be a really great brush! It’s super soft, not dense but definitely good for powder or bronzer!

I then received a little face cream for dry sensitive skin (ME!) from the brand “Eau Thermale Avène” clearly a French brand, that I haven’t heard of but it smells lovely and I trust the French especially when it comes to skincare and makeup. All the packaging and writing on it is in French, which I do speak, so it looks like its got lots of good stuff in there for your skin!

And then from another brand I haven’t heard of their “Cupuaçu Butter Lip Balm” by the brand Adesse New York. I haven’t used it but I swatched it on the back of my hand and it feels nice, with a super subtle tint which would be perfect for spring! The smell though… I don’t know if I love it or hate it… To me, it honestly smells like a Michael’s Craft Store. Which to be fair is not a bad smell at all, I personally find it super calming (I’m crafty and artsy what can I say!) but as a lip balm… I don’t know. Did any of you guys get this product too?? Am I crazy? What do you think of the smell??

I then got a lovely little Bamboo Bronzer from Ciatè London. Which is such a gorgeous shade and such a perfect size. Though, I don’t use bronzer, I love using bronzer as a crease shade! And I’ve been getting more into eyeshadows lately so I’m super excited to use this! I also, just really love Ciatè London and their packaging (so many stars!).

And finally something that I am just as hyped about as the Lisa Frank brush, is something from COLOURPOP! We all know how much I love them and their products, prices and quick shipping. In this month’s bag I got, one of the Crème Gel Liner’s in the shade “Mr. Bing” which is this absolutely GORGEOUS brown another perfect shade for spring/summer! I have another of their Crème Gel Liner’s that I purchased, and they’re honestly some of my absolute favorite eye liners, they last all day, super pigmented, easy to smudge out but once they set they do not budge!

Overall, I am SUPER THRILLED with this month’s bag! What did you get in yours?? Did we get similar products?? Let me know!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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