Favorite Jewelry Brand!!

Happy Wednesday everyone and Happy May!! Today I want to tell you about another jewelry brand that I have loved for years! I’ve worn them for so long and not only do they have the most gorgeous pieces but the company itself is a dream to do business with. They also are employed by mostly (if not all) women, which is awesome. And they are the brand Catbird, based in Brooklyn NY.

Catbird NYC be

My most recent purchase was their “Famous Letter Ring” which can be stamped with up to 8 letters. My mom bought me one years ago for my birthday I believe, which my first ring from them. This one I got stamped with the word “be” on it. I deal with a lot of mental illness issues and when I was in college and high school, I always found comfort in the word “be” whether it to find time to be still, or be present, or just to plainly be. And as an actor that word also has a lot of power to it, so I found it fitting to get that word while I was browsing their website (as I do frequently and decided it was time to add another piece to my collection haha!).

Catbird NYC Stack

Their famous for their letter rings, as well as their original knuckle rings. And they are all about stacking your jewelry, which I love and have always done because I love rings and sometimes 10 fingers aren’t enough to wear all your favorite pieces!

In this picture, I am wearing their “Famous Letter Ring” stacked with their “Sweet Nothings” ring which is a gold chain.

What I love about Catbird, is not only what they stand for, but their jewelry as well. It is exactly my style which is delicate and dainty. I have very small hands and fingers so a lot of jewelry looks too big and bulky on me. And basically makes me look like I’m playing dress up in my Mom’s stuff haha!

Basically, if you haven’t checked them out yet or haven’t heard of them and you love jewelry like me, go check them out! Their website is:


Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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