Fiction Friday ~ “How Shakespeare Changed Everything”!!

Happy Fiction Friday everyone!! I hope you are all having a great week and are excited for the weekend!

How Shakespeare Changed Everything

Today, I wanted to talk about this lovely book about not only the importance of Shakespeare but in very simple ways shows us how Shakespeare shaped the world we live in in the past, present and future.

Stephen Marche makes Shakespeare seem less daunting and more colloquial.

To me, we all know by now, how much I love and live for Shakespeare. I spent two years studying him and I absolutely love everything about him and his genius.

But if you’re someone who finds Shakespeare stupid or useless or daunting or want to know more about his impact than his life or don’t believe he has an impact; then you should one hundred percent read this book.

It is absolutely incredible and such an easy great read!

Here are some great quotes from the introduction to get you started!

~ “When you become familiar with Shakespeare, you see him everywhere.” -Page 11

~ “If a kid doesn’t care about Hamlet or Macbeth or Othello, he or she is probably never going to care about any character in any book ever.” Page13

~ “All that strange power, all his world-shaking, reality-transforming impact begins from a simple but mysterious truth: His stories sound good to everybody.” -Page 15

~ “Shakespeare held up the mirror to nature….” -Page 18

~ “‘Othello has made me free,’ Paul Robenson said. But from what? The ground keeps falling out from under us. Only Shakespeare keeps landing on his feet.” -Page 21


It’s a great read and if you already love Shakespeare then you’ll love this book and love Shakespeare even more.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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