New Job, New Start!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I have been super busy this week and lost track of everything since really starting my new job. I hope your week has been wonderful and have some fun things planned for the weekend! I know mine will be spent sleeping and grateful that I will not smell like coffee for a few days.

Every time I start a new job I always try to remind myself to be nice to myself. I constantly am disappointed in myself because I am new and don’t know my way around the store, the company, the people and the job itself.

So be kind. Be kind to yourself.

Because currently, I am learning a new skill as a barista and it’s hard. There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of things to juggle. And while eventually I will get the hang of it; I am constantly annoyed with myself that I don’t have it down yet. I have been at this job for two weeks and in those two weeks I have worked six shifts.

Be kind to yourself.

You’re new, you’re learning, be patient, be kind, ask questions, ask for help. I promise you your new coworkers will gladly help you, as well as your boss. They were in your shoes once before too.

I’m very lucky, my coworkers are incredibly kind and incredibly reassuring and patient with me and it has made all of the difference.

With this job comes great benefits and a decent paycheck, allowing me to get back into my passion and my field of acting. I’m getting everything set up and hopefully I will be able to land some dream jobs!

But please remember:

~ Be kind to yourself
~ Be kind to others
~ Take your time
~ Be patient
~ You’ll get to where you need and want to be
~Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

Until next time,
Cheers! xoxo



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