May 2017 Favorites!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! And as the title would suggest, it’s that time again for our beloved monthly favorites!!

Since this month I started my new little job as a barista there hasn’t been much time to try out new things but Starbucks is definitely in my monthly favorites! I really enjoy working there even though it is extremely overwhelming, but as I said in my last post, I’m new, learning a new skill, it takes time. So I’m just trying to be nice to myself and allow myself to still be learning.

Anyway… Let’s get into some other things I’ve been loving this month!

May 2017 Favorites

Of course my first and probably favorite of May is Amélie. Not only did I see the musical this month, but the soundtrack also came out this month and it is all I am listening to. I have it on my phone on repeat, in my car on repeat, on Spotify in my house on repeat. I am obsessed with this beautiful show. Heartbreakingly, it is no longer running on Broadway. But seriously, go watch the movie on Netflix or listen to the Broadway cast recording, you won’t be sorry.

Next, as you can tell from how squeezed out the tube is I have been loving The Body Shop Hand Cream in Coconut. I have gone through honest, dozens of this hand cream and this scent. It’s amazing. And now working at Starbucks, I was my hands constantly and my dragon skin has come back in full force and this stuff just calms my skin, smells amazing and makes my hands super soft again.

And finally a lip balm I have been loving this month is by a brand called SunBum! They carry this brand at Ulta (I don’t know where else, I’ve only seen it at Ulta thusfar!) and I really love it. They are cruelty free and have a crazy amount of flavors for this lip balm and a great range of skincare for the sun! I got the Coconut flavor and the best part about this is that it has SPF 30!! It’s great, $3, smells and tastes amazing. Highly recommend!

And that’s everything, super light and quick!! What have you been loving this month? Let me know!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo




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