Getting Back Into Auditions!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you had an amazing week! …I know, I know another week went by and no new Fiction Friday, I’m not happy about it either. I need to hit up Barnes & Noble and get some new books in my life!

But today, I wanted to talk about an audition I went on this week and some tips I learned and used because it has been so long since I’ve been on an audition (thanks mental illness! woo!).  Look my head shot! Woo! So professional!


  1. Take it from Nike, JUST. DO. IT.
    If you love acting and it’s your dream (like me) you have to do it. No job (no matter what job you want in life) is going to come your way. YOU have to ACTIVELY seek it out.
  2. Get your feet wet. Audition for anything and everything. No matter how big or small. Get used to auditions again.
    I went to this audition not understanding what they wanted me to bring and guess what happened? Nothing. They were super understanding and kind and just asked to send them a video of me singing this one song.
  4. Every audition is not going to be the best audition of your life.
    Honestly, this wasn’t the best audition I’ve ever had. I came straight from work, I was tired, lost my voice, I was slightly unprepared, I was so nervous after two years of not auditioning, I put together my headshots and resume the night before, I WAS A MESS. But who cares, this show isn’t going to make or break my career. If I get it AWESOME if not that’s fine because I got back out there and remembered HOW MUCH THIS INDUSTRY MEANS TO ME and how much I want and need to be doing this.
  5. “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” It’s hard to crack into this industry, you can’t let one bad audition get you down. You can’t let yourself feel like you’re not good enough for it when you go on audition after audition and get nothing. Something will happen along the way. If you put all your energy and love and passion into it, you are bound to get want you want out of it. With hard work and persistence and discipline great things happen.

And always be…

In Pursuit of Magic

It felt so good to get back and perform again. I hope it works out and that I am lucky enough to get cast. But if not that’s okay, because I’m so happy that I found something in life that makes it worth it. I won’t let my dream die. And I have a bunch more auditions booked and I cannot wait.

So whether you’re an actor like me or hoping to nail that interview, just know: you f***ing got this! And I am so proud of you for pursing your dream.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



June Favorites!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I can’t believe it’s that time again! But it is! Time for our beloved Monthly Favorites!! So let’s jump right in shall we?

June Favorites 2017

It’s a short one this month but I do love all of these things! Also, sorry for the horrific quality of this picture I”m having an issue with my camera at the moment!

We’ll start off with my hand and explain why my hand/arm is in my monthly favorites haha! First off the ring I’m wearing is absolutely a favorite this month! Its from a brand called Mejuri and there will be an entire post about it next Wednesday so I won’t go into too much detail here but I love it!

Next is my newest tattoo that I got this month! This is my 5th tattoo and I am obsessed with it! It’s a bean that my Mom drew for me, connected by a line to make it look like a bracelet. Long story short, my Momma calls me “Beanie” and I know she’ll never get matching tattoos with me so this was the next best thing haha! I’m thinking about doing a post on my five tattoos and tips and tricks about the healing process, what to look for when trying to find an artist and all that fun stuff, let me know if you’d find that interesting!

Moving on! I have been OVER THE MOON OBSESSED AND IN LOVE WITH “LUCAS’ PAPAW OINTMENT”. I did a whole post on this with another product that has been saving my Barista skin! And this stuff is a miracle in a tube, so cheap, so amazing and thank goodness for Amazon! I highly highly recommend this stuff if you have dry cracked skin/lips!

We then have a ticket stub from a concert I went to earlier in the month which was a 90s night! And as a child of the 90s it was the best concert I have been to in a very long time! The band was “The Fresh Kids of Bel-Air” and they were absolutely incredible. If you love the 90s look them up and see if they’re playing in a town near you because my goodness it was the best night!

Another thing I love this month but not pictured is a road trip me and my dear friend Marie went on that we called our Pilgrimage and Homage to London. She studied abroad there and we all know I love it. We drove from NY to Maryland for Nando’s (the best restaurant ever and is about 5 hours away) then to Pennsylvania to the King of Prussia Mall for Primark (the best store ever) and it was a day filled with sun, great music, sing alongs, coffee, friends, food and shopping and I don’t know what else would make a perfect day perfect!

And that is it for this month! I’m quite looking forward to July (I have a sneaky little vacation to FL planned), if I’m honest even though I am sad to see June go as I’m writing this post. The road trips, tattoos and concerts made this month great!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Fiction Friday ~ The Miniaturist!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you are all doing well! Today I want to talk about the novel The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton!

The Miniaturist

Taking place in the late 1600s in Amsterdam; we follow a young woman named Petronella, or Nella for short, as she marries into the Brandt family that has more secrets than one would realize.

Nella of eighteen arrives to the Brandt house without her husband to greet her and instead is greeted by the very cold and stern Marin, Nella’s new sister-in-law. Her new husband gifts her a doll house that is an exact replica of their home as a wedding gift, which leads Nella to find the help of a miniaturist to help her furnish it. But the miniaturist seems to know more about Nella’s life at the Brandt house than Nella as secrets come out and things begin to unfold and unravel.

I thought that this novel was going to involve a love affair with the miniaturist, for some reason but I was so wrong and Jessie Burton is an exceptional writer that I couldn’t read it fast enough to find out what was happening. I’m quite a spoil sport when it comes to reading or watching a movie where I always try to figure out what is going to happen (because mostly things are quite predictable if you pay enough attention) but my goodness, so many of the twists I did not see coming and Jessie Burton writes this story and these characters so brilliantly.

If you enjoy novels that are set in this time period or really enjoy stories written from this time, you will really enjoy The Miniaturist. Jessie Burton writes this time like she was there herself and the whole novel feels very organic and is gripping until the very end.

And now, I need to find more books to read because those were all the new ones I had! So if you have any suggestions of what I should read next please let me know!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


June Ipsy Bag!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having a lovely week! And as the title would suggest, today we’re gonna be talking about what I got in my Ipsy bag for this month! So let’s jump right in!

June Ipsy Bag 2017

This months theme is “Volume Up” and I just absolutely love the bag this month, I think it’s so adorable and such a great size!

First up we have NYX Whipped Lip & Cheek Color in the shade “Pink Cloud”, this looks and feels great, not necessarily my color but now definitely something I’ll check out! It’s such a nice light texture and I think it’s perfect for summer!

Next we have a mascara from the brand “doucce” and it’s their “Max Lash Volumizer”. It has an extremely big wand, which usually is very promising for me haha! I haven’t been wearing mascara at all lately, but I’ll absolutely have to give this a try!

Then we have a face wash from the brand “Skyn Iceland Solutions for Stressed Skin” and their “Glacial Face Wash with White Willow Bark”. Now I’m pretty sure Iceland is know for their like mud and glacial stuff, so I’m sure this will be amazing and my skin has definitely been stressed lately so I am really looking forward to this!

And then we have a “Travel Face Blender” from the brand Beauté Basics. It feels very promising soft yet a bit dense at the same time… A horrible description I know, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize until writing this that it’s a “Travel Face Blender” so now I wonder if it’ going to stay that small, cause if it is then it’s gonna be super dense and I don’t know how  I feel about that… hmmm….

Finally, we have a gorgeous blush from The Balm Cosmetics, their Balm Springs Long Wearing Blush in the shade “In Full Swing” which is this gorgeous dusty rose! A bit darker but I think for summer when everyone’s tanned and gorgeous it will be stunning! And I love The Balm Cosmetics anyway haha!

And that’s everything I got this month!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Fiction Friday!! ~Richard III

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying your week and are excited for the weekend! I’m super excited after work on Saturday I will be heading into the city for a concert with a dear dear friend!

But today, I wanted to talk about one of my absolute favorite Shakespeare plays which is Richard III.

Shakespeare Globe

Now, I love Richard for multiple reasons but the main reason is Richard, simply the character of Richard and what he does to the audience.

And what he does is make the audience question their morals, whether you realize it or not.

Richard, by play standards is the villain… But it’s not so simple.

Shakespeare, the genius that he was, makes it so that the opening soliloquy is given by Richard himself. Soliloquies, for those who don’t know, are when the character speaks directly to the audience with no other characters on stage because that character needs something from the audience; which is why Richard is such a conflict for the audience because we bond with him. He is the first thing we see and the first person we hear when the curtain rises (or if we’re at the Globe when he himself walks out) making us instantly having a relationship with him whether you want to or not. Why?

Because Shakespeare now made our main source of information, we now identify with him and root for him… But he’s the villain, no?

We don’t necessarily realize that this is happening until *spoiler alert* he basically goes on a killing spree. Making the audience question whether or not they can still root for this man, who had the throne taken from him because of him being deformed.

So who’s side are you on? Do you side with the villain because he gives us the information that no other character gives us? Or do you stop rooting for him because of the people he murders to get back to the top?

It’s an extremely interesting play, I find, for that exact reason. Whenever I see this play performed, my favorite thing to do is watch the audience. For that exact reason, their faces usually reflect how they feel and the internal conflict that arises in them whether conscious or subconscious is alway fascinating to watch.

As we know, if you’ve been following my blog for the past two years, Shakespeare and his soliloquies are my speciality (I spent two years working on them for my degree and thesis). And I find this play, Richard III, the most fascinating because of how he makes the audience react to Richard himself.

Personally, I am a fan of Richard, I usually always love the villains haha! But because of his words and his reasons behind his motives I find compelling and just, again that’s just my opinion.

And that’s why Richard III, is one of my all time favorite Shakespeare plays. What do you think? Would you still root for Richard?

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Products Saving My Skin!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope your week is going well! Since we all know I started my new job a month ago, I know wash my hands at least 5500 times a day since I work as a Barista… And my dragon skin has not been happy.

But here are the two products that have been saving my skin, they’re amazing and I thought I had to share incase your skin is super dry and cracked or you work in a profession that you have to wash your hands constantly and need some ideas on how to stop your hands from cracking!

Saving My Skin

First up we have O’Keeffe’s Working Hands (which is cruelty free by the way)! This stuff is super heavy duty and it’s like my hands never worked a shift. It was honestly incredible. You can pick it up at most drug stores and Target, I got mine for about $4! Now I’m not thrilled at the feeling, it says “non-greasy” and to be fair it’s not. But to me it is, I have a lot of sensory issues and it feels greasy to me, so I just make sure I spend a good 5 minutes working it into my skin because it really does do wonders, I just don’t like the feeling of something on my hands haha!

And next up is something everyone I find raves about because it is absolutely incredible and also cruelty free! It is the famous LUCAS PAPAW OINTMENT. I got mine off amazon for about $7 and once I received it and the next day I ordered a smaller one with a lip applicator for my bag! I am OBSESSED with this stuff. It really is a miracle in a tube. Cuts and scrapes are healed after a nights sleep with this on it, lips are no longer dried and cracked, my cuticles have never looked better, I use this basically everywhere I want a concentrated moisture on a part of my body. It’s unscented and is basically amazing.

That’s all she wrote! These two products have been a lifesaver for my hands and skin from constant hand washing!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


Fiction Friday ~ Wonder Woman!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you are all having a great week! Today I want to talk about the one and only Wonder Woman. I know it’s not a book but it is a fictional character and an amazing one at that.

Wonder Woman

I had the lovely chance to see it with a dear friend of mine and we both absolutely LOVED this film. (I also want to point out for my own peace of mind that I actually don’t enjoy DC, I’m a die hard Marvel girl I’ve always preferred their comics and stories but I always have a soft spot and love for Wonder Woman.)

Apart from the obvious of how amazing Gal Gadot is and the brilliant director Patty Jenkins is and all that great amazing stuff. It is also just a brilliant action super hero film.

Two and a half hours flew by and I wanted more. The balance between Diana’s backstory, what she is doing currently and how she came to our world out of Themyscira was done so effortless and transitioned so well. The fight scenes were beyond incredible.

Like so many other bloggers and posts on social media the fight that I found the most incredible was “No Man’s Land” fight. I cried through the whole thing, it was so powerful and incredible to watch her fight for justice when no one else would.

I have always found it a powerful thing in this world to be a woman and was always proud and happy that I am one, but my goodness did I feel proud to be a woman while watching this film. She fights for justice, love, freedom and just all that is good in the world. She sees the worst of humanity and still finds the good in them. And with everything that is going on in our world today, this is exactly the type of movie we need.

I hope you all have the chance to see it because it was brilliant and extremely important.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo