Fiction Friday!! ~ “Someone Else’s Skin”

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope your week went well! Today I want to talk about another  book I just finished by Sarah Hilary.

Someone Else's Skin Sarah Hilary

Following the story and life of Detective Inspector Marnie Rome, we follow one particular case that she and her partner DS Noah Jake that take place in a Women’s Shelter for women how are escaping domestic violence.

They go into this Women’s Shelter for one case involving one of the women and come out with another case to deal with and solve when we walk into a pretty intense scene. I don’t want to give anything away because this book is packed with twists and turns and heartbreaks and anger and sadness and it’s a rollercoaster ride but it’s a great ride at that.

The characters and storyline are written so well, you can absolutely tell that the author Sarah Hilary did her research when it comes to not only women’s shelters, domestic abuse but why it does to the mental state and their psychology of the people who suffer from domestic abuse.

If you enjoy a good detective story with SO MUCH MORE, then I highly recommend picking this up. When I finished it, it was definitely a book that stayed with me for a bit. Not because it was so heavy (which it was and could be at times) but because I wanted more. I wanted to know more of DI Rome and DS Jake and their lives after these cases because it took such a toll on the both of them, I wanted to know how they were doing.

Anyway, it was super good and I really enjoyed it and highly recommend! And if anyone wants to make this book into a movie, please please please call me because I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO PLAY DI MARNIE ROME!!!!!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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