Products Saving My Skin!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope your week is going well! Since we all know I started my new job a month ago, I know wash my hands at least 5500 times a day since I work as a Barista… And my dragon skin has not been happy.

But here are the two products that have been saving my skin, they’re amazing and I thought I had to share incase your skin is super dry and cracked or you work in a profession that you have to wash your hands constantly and need some ideas on how to stop your hands from cracking!

Saving My Skin

First up we have O’Keeffe’s Working Hands (which is cruelty free by the way)! This stuff is super heavy duty and it’s like my hands never worked a shift. It was honestly incredible. You can pick it up at most drug stores and Target, I got mine for about $4! Now I’m not thrilled at the feeling, it says “non-greasy” and to be fair it’s not. But to me it is, I have a lot of sensory issues and it feels greasy to me, so I just make sure I spend a good 5 minutes working it into my skin because it really does do wonders, I just don’t like the feeling of something on my hands haha!

And next up is something everyone I find raves about because it is absolutely incredible and also cruelty free! It is the famous LUCAS PAPAW OINTMENT. I got mine off amazon for about $7 and once I received it and the next day I ordered a smaller one with a lip applicator for my bag! I am OBSESSED with this stuff. It really is a miracle in a tube. Cuts and scrapes are healed after a nights sleep with this on it, lips are no longer dried and cracked, my cuticles have never looked better, I use this basically everywhere I want a concentrated moisture on a part of my body. It’s unscented and is basically amazing.

That’s all she wrote! These two products have been a lifesaver for my hands and skin from constant hand washing!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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