Getting Back Into Auditions!!

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you had an amazing week! …I know, I know another week went by and no new Fiction Friday, I’m not happy about it either. I need to hit up Barnes & Noble and get some new books in my life!

But today, I wanted to talk about an audition I went on this week and some tips I learned and used because it has been so long since I’ve been on an audition (thanks mental illness! woo!).  Look my head shot! Woo! So professional!


  1. Take it from Nike, JUST. DO. IT.
    If you love acting and it’s your dream (like me) you have to do it. No job (no matter what job you want in life) is going to come your way. YOU have to ACTIVELY seek it out.
  2. Get your feet wet. Audition for anything and everything. No matter how big or small. Get used to auditions again.
    I went to this audition not understanding what they wanted me to bring and guess what happened? Nothing. They were super understanding and kind and just asked to send them a video of me singing this one song.
  4. Every audition is not going to be the best audition of your life.
    Honestly, this wasn’t the best audition I’ve ever had. I came straight from work, I was tired, lost my voice, I was slightly unprepared, I was so nervous after two years of not auditioning, I put together my headshots and resume the night before, I WAS A MESS. But who cares, this show isn’t going to make or break my career. If I get it AWESOME if not that’s fine because I got back out there and remembered HOW MUCH THIS INDUSTRY MEANS TO ME and how much I want and need to be doing this.
  5. “When you’re going through hell, keep going.” It’s hard to crack into this industry, you can’t let one bad audition get you down. You can’t let yourself feel like you’re not good enough for it when you go on audition after audition and get nothing. Something will happen along the way. If you put all your energy and love and passion into it, you are bound to get want you want out of it. With hard work and persistence and discipline great things happen.

And always be…

In Pursuit of Magic

It felt so good to get back and perform again. I hope it works out and that I am lucky enough to get cast. But if not that’s okay, because I’m so happy that I found something in life that makes it worth it. I won’t let my dream die. And I have a bunch more auditions booked and I cannot wait.

So whether you’re an actor like me or hoping to nail that interview, just know: you f***ing got this! And I am so proud of you for pursing your dream.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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