Knowing When to Unplug!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are enjoying your week! I am back in New York after the best four day vacation in the world. And I wanted to talk today about the importance of knowing when you need to unplug and disconnect from the world for a bit. Because I came back from this trip feeling recharged and ready to take on the world; and I was only gone for four days.

Ever since my breakdown that caused me to quit the worst job in the world, I have felt uninspired and stuck beyond belief. Normally, I’d deal with it by surrounding myself with people who are like minded, but my two best friends live in Florida and Connecticut, where I live I have my Mom (which I am so thankful for).

It’s really hard to stay inspired and motivated when your support system is hundred(s) of miles away. Even though, with social media and how easy it is to stay connected to one another (I do not go a single day without texting, Facebook messaging, and Snapchatting my best friend Sara) it also makes it super easy to compare yourself to others you see.

So from July 4-8th I went to Florida to visit my best friend Sara for her 24th birthday. I didn’t really talk to anyone, the only text messages I received were from my Mom and my group text I have with my coworkers (which I didn’t respond to). Because I haven’t seen my best friend since MY 24th birthday, we weren’t on our phones, we were catching up and playing with her puppy and just relaxing.

And it was exactly what we both needed.

I’m back in NY and I have so many ideas for this blog and posts I want to write, I’m excited to go back to work and see my coworkers and just have fun at a silly job that doesn’t matter.

Most importantly, I’m ready to get back to my art. And start my life as an artist again. I lost my way, but I’ve found my way back. I started booking auditions, and I even booked a job for a show in August.

And I feel amazing.

So my suggestion to you, dear dear reader, if you ever feel stressed or lost or on a verge of a breakdown or breaking down, unplug. Turn off your phone. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and support and love you, or hide away and read a good book maybe a new one or an old favorite or a rediscovery.

Take time for you.

Because no one else will.

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



P.S. Here is a picture of Sara and I, where I couldn’t stop smiling genuine smiles for four days straight. Thank you Sara, I love you so so much.

Twins Take Animal Kingdom


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