My Favorite Hair Tool!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!!  I hope you are all enjoying you week so far!! Today, I thought I would talk about one of my absolute favorite can’t live without it, holy grail hair tool!

Now, let me preface with I blow dry my bangs, and roughly dry my ridiculously thick hair because I don’t have two hours every time I wash my hair to sit and actually dry my hair so really the only hair tools I have are two brushes haha! And this is one of them!

The Wet Brush

This is the “Wet Brush” and it’s nothing new and I have a tiny little one I take when I travel that’s yellow, it’s something I’m pretty sure I pictured in posts about what’s in my travel stuff!


I wanted to make a whole post dedicated to this little guy here that is apparently designed for THICK HAIR. And let me tell you! This might be the first thing I’ve seen advertised, in all my years of owning thick hair, that actually does what it says!

Now for all you guys who haven’t heard of the Wet Brush, it’s basically a brush that is basically designed to use on wet hair. So it’s gentler on your hair so it doesn’t break while you brush it but at the same time does a really great job of getting out all your tangles!

So if you see this guy in your drugstores or Target (that’s where I got mine haha) and you’re in need of a new brush, I could not recommend it more! It’s absolutely one of my favorite brushes that I have ever used and now that I found them easily accessible I won’t be going back to any other brush!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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