Rediscovering An Old Favorite!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you’re all doing well! Last week was a blur and was so exhausted and crazy with work that I just couldn’t get ahead of posts so I just decided that I wouldn’t write anything haha! But I’m back!

And today, I want to talk about an old product that I’ve rediscovered and now can’t stop wearing!

Tarte Lip Paint

This is the Tarte Tartiest Lip Paint in the shade “Bestie”. And I am 100% absolutely obsessed with not only this color but this formula. It’s a matte liquid lipstick that is so comfortable and feather light that I do not know why this got pushed back to the back of my makeup collection.

The shade is perfect, it is for me, the perfect my lips but better brown-y nude. What I also love about this shade because of that is that if I eat or it begins to fade (which it did when I ate Ramen haha, it’s the only thing that I ate that broke it down a bit) I don’t feel the need to reapply because it fades so beautifully.

But I don’t have a problem with this product fading really at all. It lasts so incredibly well, isn’t drying and I’m telling you, the most lightweight liquid lipstick! It honestly doesn’t feel like anything.

I also love their doe foot applicator, it has a little divot in it that just hugs the lips and holds the perfect amount of product, at least for me. I can get a full opaque application for lips in one swipe!

They also have tons of colors to pick from, if you haven’t tried these yet; you should!!

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo



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