Glossier Haul!!

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I know it’s been a while but I hope you are all well and are enjoying your week! If you’re in the North East, I hope you are staying warm, its quite cold up here in NY and I would really like the snow to stop haha!

But anyway, to brave the cold I decided to place an order from Glossier and as always I am not disappointed!

Glossier Haul 2018

I picked up their Priming Moisturizer, which I have yet to try and now that I have I don’t know why I haven’t tried it sooner. It is super lightweight (a tad greasy but when it sinks in my skin feels so soft) but does an AMAZING job. I know this product is a bit divided, either you love it or you hate it. And for someone who has dragon skin and hates the feeling of lotion this product is magic. My dry patches on my cheeks are gone and my skin looks healthier.

Next I picked up their Coconut Balm Dotcom, I have had the mint one before and it was the best thing ever and now I am OBSESSED with the coconut one and I will never be without it. I refuse to part with it. This stuff is seriously amazing and works wonders on everything, especially my lips and cuticles. And it smells HEAVENLY.

Finally I picked up their new Glossier You Perfume Solid, I’m super picky with fragrance. I usually stick to my Armani “Si”, which is completely different from the Glossier perfume. This one is super floral and light and I wasn’t sure I’d like it but I really do and I think it’s perfect for the spring and summer months (if they ever decide to show up). I also love that it’s a solid formula, it lasts super well on the skin and it is just a cool compact and I’m really happy with the outcome of the gamble of buying fragrance online without smelling it. The compact itself is also super weighty and metal that I was not expecting but it fits so nicely in your hand with the indent for your thumb to swivel it open to use. Once again Glossier does not disappoint when it comes to packaging.

And that is everything that I ordered from Glossier this time! I’m already thinking of what my next order will be… I’m thinking I need a repurchase of their concealer, lipstick and their new eyeshadow…

Until next time,

Cheers! xoxo


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